Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vacuum Obsession Revealed

So apparently some of you cannot wrap your brains around my vacuum obsession.  I fully admitted it was a little whacked-- but hey, that's me.  I'm a little quirky and a lot nutty.  So since you must know, here's the dirty details about my healthy obsession.

1.  I own a Dyson.  I am completely in love with it.  I use it to vacuum the entire house, vents and any weird place I can shove the extension into.

2.  I own a Swiffer vac.  You all know about that one.  Great for my the kids kitchen messes.

3.  I have an Oreck hand vacuum that I use to clean up after giving everyone haircuts.  I also use it to assign extra chores to the kids.  I have them vacuum the stair crevasses.

4.  I have an amazing shop vac.  It has removable bags so when I'm done cleaning out the car or the garage I can just peel out the liner and never have to stare at those french fries I sucked up from the back seat again.

5.  I have a hand vacuum in the garage that I use when the kids get dirt or snacks scattered all over the car.  I also use it to clean out the sandy grit from the bottom of the shoe closet.  It's great for a quick easy clean without having to get out the big guns.

6.  I have a shark vacuum.  I used to use it inside (before I discovered the Swiffer vac) and now I use it to vacuum the rugs in the garage.

7.  I also have a Bissel steam cleaner/vacuum.  That thing does the lowest of low-- it's my pee, poop and puke machine.  It's all gone down here in the worst places and I use this little beauty to steam and suck up all the germs I can.  I love it.  When flu season hits, I've got it cocked and ready to go.

There-- the humiliation of it all.  Having to hash through my dirty laundry for you guys.  Geesh!  I hope you enjoyed that.  If you have any questions ask away.  You know I love to talk about cleaning supplies.  I warned you-- I'm a nut case.  But I know you secretly love it.

Vacuums Suck!

Hee hee hee-- I had to make at least one vacuum joke OK?


I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

Okay, that might just be a bit obsessive, but it's nice to know you're so clean. I could come over and lick your floors - even in your gargage and probably not even get sick. Nice!

Anne said...

I just got my swiffer vac in the mail and LOVE it! I've never used one before, but I'm hooked! :)

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