Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Favorite Things!

I've got a great list this year of things you can't live without...

I got the Sleep Number flier in the mail the other day and it was filled with fluffy goodness on every page.  Since they were having a sale I decided to take advantage and try these babies out.  Pure HEAVEN!  The Mister love love LOVES fleece and I knew he would love these sheets.  I was a bit worried because I am a sweaty sleeper but they breath really well and we were both comfortable.  It was like sleeping in a giant fluffy cloud.  It was so soft and snuggly.  These are a must have!  They put flannel sheets to shame.  Right now at Sleep Number all bedding is buy one get one 50% off and free shipping or you can use this coupon code. 

To Save 30%* off your total purchase from Sleep Number® bedding collection, use coupon code HOLOWN30
I found these babies the other day at Target.  I'm obsessing over minty chocolate lately which you can read about HERE.  These are another must have for the season.  There is nothing like a little peppermint magic to get you in the spirit of Christmas.

For a little bit of stocking fun I found THIS at the Container Store.  I have quite a few art-sy fart-sy kids at my house and this is kickin' it up a notch.  If your kids love drawing then they will love 3-D drawing even more.  I saved the 3-D glasses we got at the last movie we went to so they would have some good glasses to wear while they doodle.  At $6.99-- it makes for a great stocking stuffer.  If you need more ideas The Container Store has lots of fun gadgets for everyone on your list.

The Mister has picked out his brother-in-law gift early this year.  He saw this at Tractor Supply (also available at Wal-Greens) and almost split a gut.  The saying on the top says, "Grandpa says, If ya got dry lips, put chicken poop on 'um so you don't lick 'um."  Charming right?  For the jokester in your life, try Chicken Poop Lip Balm.  When the Mister checked out, the lady told him in all seriousness that it was actually really good chap stick.  Good to know, but I doubt this will ever touch anyone's lips just because of the title.

I got my William Sonoma catalog in the mail yesterday and it has so many wonderful things.  This PIE MAKER caught my eye.  Yes, a pie maker!  Doesn't it look so cool?  I can think of about a gazillion things I would make with this.  As my mind wondered-- I started thinking about the potential to use it as a burrito maker.  OK, maybe not burritos but at least chicken pot pie-- right?  Oh the possibilites.  William Sonoma is just rediculously fun.
As for my Christmas list?  Well, I'm wishing for this...                 


It would be a dream come true.

Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas. 

If you'd like some ways to show your children the real spirit of Christmas head on over to I Am Momma for her week of CHRISTmas ideas.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Are you Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

You know your kid is smarter than you when she gives you her Christmas list in a power point presentation with pictures and reasons.  She even added fading and funky moves for her words. She was very serious about this list.  Lets just say it's a Christmas list I will never forget.  I grabbed the slides so you could enjoy it too.  Prepared to be wow-ed.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Circles Circles They're No Fun...

My children have a terrible habit of talking me in circles.  It drives me INSANE!  Let me explain.

Em:  The girl that I play with at recess everyday had on snow pants yesterday and it wasn't even snowy.

Me:  What was her name?

Em:  I don't know.

Me:  You play with this girl everyday and you don't even know her name?  I think it's time you start learning other people's names.

Em:  I don't play with her everyday!  She was wearing snow pants Mom!

Me:  You just said, "The girl I play with everyday came to school with snow pants on."

Em:  No I didn't!

Me:  OK, whatever.  So she was wearing snow pants huh?

Em:  Yeah, it was really weird that the girl I play with everyday was wearing snow pants and it wasn't even snowy.

(blink blink)

Me:  Yeah, really weird buddy....

The annoying part is, he's not the only one who does this to me.  They each do it to me on a consistent basis.  They don't even see that they are doing it.  What the heck?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Boys and Church

Today at church I look over and see that Rugby is drawing a picture of a shark with really big teeth.  I started thinking that it would be so much better if her were drawing a cute little peaceful picture-- you know, cause we're in church and all. 
 So I lean over and say, "You know, those teeth look just like points on a Christmas tree.  Why don't you draw a nice Christmas tree for me?"  He looks at me with a smirk on his face and says sure.  So this is what I got... 
When he saw the look on my face he decided to take it a step further...
Ah, the wonderment of boys and church.  It's a beautiful thing.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jesus Bugs

A few days ago Zoey was telling me what she learned in school that day.  She told me that her class had watched a movie about different things you might find in the rain forest.  She said the one she remembered the most was about a bug who could walk on the water. 

She said, "They called it the Jesus bug in the movie.  Get it Mom?  You know, cause it could walk on the water just like Jesus." 

I assured her that I did in fact get it. 

Then she says, "But it doesn't look like Jesus at all.  The bug needed long hair, a beard and some robes and then they could call it the Jesus bug." 

I look at her as seriously as I can and say, "Come on Zoey, who would sew the tiny little robes for them?" 

She looks at me with equal seriousness and says, "The bug moms would."

I stand corrected.

Dear Jesus Bugs,

     Your title would be a lot more believable if you could grow some beards, long hair and get your bug mom's to sew you tiny little robes.  Just a thought.


Zoey and her crazy Mom

OK, I feel a lot better getting that off my chest.  I hope they take that advice to heart.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Brain Barf

In an effort to catch up on several posts that have been swimming through my brain, I'm going to do a quick brain barf to bring you up to speed.
This week my parents officially picked up their things and moved to Utah.  Boo Whaa!  Utah is the black hole that keeps sucking in all of my loved ones.  Stupid Utah!

I have been consoling myself with these chocolaty rectangles of goodness.

I'm planning on giving them away as my holiday treats.  Some people spend all day baking.  Not me.  I prefer not to freak people out with the contents of my kitchen.  I figure it's more comforting to get a treat that is sealed properly in a wrapper than something that may or may not have dog hair in it.  I'm a weirdo-- I know.

Oh and yes, I'm officially a psycho dog owner.  I have been Christmas shopping online.  I'm stumped as far as my family members go.  Seriously.  I've got nothing.  So when I hit the wall, I start shopping for dog stuff.  I've found lots of fun stuff for my furry little friends.  My favorite thing is THIS.  I promise this toy is everything you think it is and more.  My dogs are in heaven.  If you don't believe me just watch this...

Big guy and little guy are highly entertained by this amazing invention.  It's a hands-free way to give your dog some exercise.  I'm a big fan of walking my dogs but sometimes they need a little extra something to work their mind and their bodies.  I used it the other night while I made dinner and they were so pooped-- it was awesome.  The laser show has several different pattern settings, speeds and timers to choose from.  It is super sweet and it goes for $35.  The hand held version is $20. 

My hidden talent is finding really great dog stuff.  Shhhh, don't tell anyone or I'll look like a bigger freak than I already appear to be.

I'll be back tomorrow with a few things you'll never believe my kids said.

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Rugby plops down at the breakfast table the other morning and declares, "So there is no Santa Claus!"

I nearly choke on my Eggo and do a quick scan around the table to see his siblings' reactions.  Everyone has their eyes glued on Rugby waiting for more information to back up his outrageous claims.

(blink blink)

I decide to venture further and ask him why he would say that.

He spews out all of the regular arguments and ends with a firm belief that it has to be Mom and Dad.

I asked Breckyn how she felt about that (thinking she is 10 and would probably agree with her little brother by now-- hopefully).  She said she didn't really care what was going on.  As long as she got presents, she wouldn't question any of it.

Then it was Zoey's turn.  She agreed with both Breckyn and Rugby but decided not to tempt fate.  So she went neutral.

Em was the only one left and his answer was simple.  "Rugby is stupid for saying that because he won't get any presents." 

So my children have picked ignorance over information.  Is it wrong that I'm kind of disappointed?  I am bound by the adult code not to go any further with the conversation because they chose not to know.  It's killing me!

This morning Zoey asked me to mail a letter for her.  It was addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Clause. She told me she was writing not for toys, but to have their signatures.  She has requested that Santa, the misses and one elf sign, date and return her letter for proof and peace of mind. 

Really?  Really?  You're 9!!!

You guys are killin' me!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rhett and Link

This is perhaps the most entertaining recipe I've ever gotten.  These guys are whacked-- in a good way.  Watch this while I go make some guacamole.  I have a sudden craving... I'll be right back.

If you are saying-- "What?  Where did she find these guys?"  You have JennRose to thank who sent me the link to THIS after yesterday's squirrel dedication.

Want more?

I thought so.

Check out their fast food folk song.  It's pretty good.  I might try it next time I go to Taco Smell.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Squirrels Can't be Trusted!

 Awwww, who doesn't love a good picture of a cute fuzzy fluffy squirrel?
 My squirrel hating sister-- that's who!  My little sister has an unhealthy fear of squirrels.  Here in Wisconsin there are squirrels everywhere just waiting to get her.  I myself have never felt threatened by squirrel kind but to each his own.  Being the quirky person that I am, I find in incredibly funny to send her squirrel propaganda from time to time.  I can't pass up a squirrel card or a squirrel t-shirt to save my life.  I have to buy it for her.  In fact last year I sent her squirrel pajamas for Christmas.  It's wrong-- I know, but it gives me the giggles.  So bare with me...
It turns out that I have found actual proof that there are squirrel training camps all over Wisconsin.  I think they are plotting to take over our nut supplies.
 In addition, there are squirrel spies that keep track of our every move.  Shifty little buggers if you ask me.
They have been gathering intel so they can blend in among us.
They are everywhere!  No one is safe I tell you!
Be advised, do not-- I repeat, DO NOT attempt to confront them on your own.
They are considered to be armed and very dangerous.
These two were caught trying to sneak their acts by in Metropolis and Gotham.  But we can spot a fake when we see one.  Their tails were a dead giveaway.
This one is for you little sis.  I think you were right all along. 
 Squirrels can't be trusted!

Happy Birthday!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Rules to Live By

We're ready to start dinner the other night and I notice that Rugby has an action figure at the table.  He is using it to jump the milk carton and fight things around his dinner plate.  I look at him with my best mom look and I say, "Rugs, what is the number one rule in our family?"

Tim chimes in with, "Never eat yellow snow!"

Breckyn adds, "When you are naked, your first priority is getting dressed!"

Then the list started adding up...

"Always check your shoes for dog poop after you play outside."

"Go potty before we leave anywhere."

"Don't let the dogs out without their collars."

"Close the door when you go outside."

"No hitting."

"No yelling."

"Close your mouth when you eat."

"Put your shoes away."

ah hum...  I was  going for, no toys at the table guys-- but thanks for the list.

Apparently we are no strangers to rules at this house.  LOTS and LOTS of rules.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


We took the kids to see Megamind this weekend and we loved it!  It was so much fun.  I laughed my guts out.  I knew it was a big hit when Rugby started drawing about it the minute we walked in the door.  It's a must see family movie.  You can check out the preview if you don't believe me.

Comic Genius!  Oh and as a bonus for me-- it's the first short haired heroine I've seen.  It made me love it all the more. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Do you Snore?

I have always considered snoring to be a man's sport.  Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are many a lady snorer out there but it's just not dainty.

I have teased the Mister excessively about his snoring habits for many years.  He is a mouth breather so his snoring is a special kind of torture.  I make it a point to try and fall asleep first so I don't have to listen to his mouth music ever.

The other day we are discussing his breathing habits and he tells me that I snore too.


The world as I know it came to a screeching hault.

I told him to take it back in my most offended voice.

He wouldn't.

So I asked him to prove it.  I made him show me exactly what I sound like.

He obliged.

I was horrified!  HORRIFIED!

I told him he must be lying-- it's the only reasonable explanation.

He denied the accusations of his honesty.

So I've been forced to reevaluate the picture of my daintiness.  Could it be so?  Am I suddenly in the Big Momma Club?  Should I start watching football and eating chicken drumsticks?  Should I start wearing sweat pants and scratching myself?  Should I mow the lawn in my underwear too?  Where does it end?

What has happened to me?

Help!  I'm a hideous monster!  Save yourselves!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

CSN Winner!

Random.org has chosen a winner....

Congratulations to  #37 BROOKIE.  You won the CSN giveaway.

YEEEHOOOO!  I hope you enjoy your much deserved shopping spree. 

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