Saturday, May 15, 2010

Meet Breckyn

Meet Breckyn.  She is my big girl.  It was her birthday last week.  She turned 10.  She loves exploring the outdoors, animals, rocks and being in charge. 

The mister was out at the store and he called me all excited that he had found the perfect birthday present for Breckyn.  It was a rock tumbler.  B loves collecting rocks and cleaning them up.  I told him to buy it because I thought it would mean a lot to B that her Dad had picked out a gift especially for her.

On her birthday she was very excited to put it together.  The mister took her into his office and they began following the directions.  A few minutes later the mister comes out of the office looking a little frazzled.

The Mister:  I'm not so sure this rock thing was the best idea.

Me:  Are you kidding me?  She loves it-- it's perfect.

The Mister:  Well, I was reading the directions and it says that you need to tumble the rocks in phases.

Me:  OK, so...

The Mister:  The first phase lasts 4 days.

Me:  What?!?

The Mister:  It gets worse.  The second phase lasts for 14 days.  The last phase lasts for 6 days.

Me:  Does it run on batteries-- cause that's a lot of batteries.

The Mister:  No it plugs in.  Maybe I could sneak it away from her.  I can package it back up and return the stupid thing.

Me:  You can't do that she'll notice.

The Mister:  OK, then we'll have the first three rocks done in about a month.  A MONTH!  It's going to be a long summer.

The kicker is, it's super loud.  So we moved it into the garage but every time I go out there it scares the crap out of me cause I keep forgetting its there.  It took the dog the first three days to stop freaking out about the noise coming from the back door.

Rocks!  It's tumbling rocks.  I could probably go down to the store and buy a bag of those smooth marbles and call it good.  But nooooo, now we have our very own rock tumbler.

All I can say is-- they'd better come out diamonds for the time we're putting into this stupid thing.  Geesh!


Margene said...

she will love it. Besides I told her I would get her some neat rocks to tumble.

leardonsbelle said...

You are such a great mom for letting her have one! And not returning it. :)

JennRose said...

As soon as I saw what he picked out I smiled because I brother had one when we were kids... I don't think he was ever patient enough to wait for the whole process!

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

Wow, that's a long time - especially in kid time. It would probably scare me, too. That is so funny. What a perfect gift for her, though. Good work!

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