Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Morning Drama-rama

The other morning, as I was getting the kids ready for church, everyone decided to freak out at the same time.  I try to tell them that there is only one of me and four of them but I'm pretty sure they don't care.  My girls have reached the age where they feel the need to change their outfits 200 times and stand in their closet doorways loudly sighing that they have nothing to wear.  That takes me from on time to barely making it out the door with seconds to spare.  In fact two weeks in a row I was so busy putting out their fires that I forgot to comb my own hair after I had blow dried it and went to church looking a little off kilter.

My boys have also kicked it up a notch.  They are obsessed with playing ball in the house.  (I have the broken stuff to prove it.)  They also enjoy playing the computer (a little too much).  The only problem there is that only one boy can play at a time.  The other boy is left sitting uncomfortably close to the other one yelling commands at the screen.  Ugh!

So last week while I'm dealing with the girlies, Rugby decides that having the computer is so important he is going to threaten his little brother with bodily harm.  I hear, "Moooooom, Rugby is trying to light my hair on fire!"  (Yeah, I'm not kidding.)  I come running downstairs yelling threats the entire way.  There is my precious boy with a lighter and a safety pin out and ready.  He was going to poke his brother and then set him on fire.  He is now banned from lighters, safety pins, and all sharp objects. 

I have always been under the impression that the older my kids got, the easier my life would be.  Not so.  I have now gone from wiping butts to putting out fires (literally in some cases).

I'm just starting to realize that my life will be full of action until the day I die. 

The good news for you is, you can read about it for years to come.  If nothing else, my life supplies me with endless material for this blog.  I'm not sure if that is a good thing-- but it's true none the less.

Later this week I'll share with you some of my favorite secrets to getting the family out the door on time.  See you then...


I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

oh man! and i thought running down the hall in school was as bad as it was going to get for him! eek!

connie said...

Ain't motherhood grand?

Anonymous said...

I have to wait until next week for your tips?!? I need them before next Sunday or I might set someone on fire (only to get their butts moving so we make it to church on time)!

Cassie said...

Hilarious! Rugby is way to smart for his own good! At least when my redhead is trying stuff I can try and remember what you did with Rugs to help put out the fires! Love being the youngest! Good luck!

Lyndsay said...

Okay, hil-a-ri-ous!! Man your family is great. I'm loving reading back through some of your old entries. =)

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