Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lobster Boy

Yesterday the family had lots of different activities to go to.  The Mister and I split into teams to get everyone where they needed to go.  When it was my turn with the kids, the Mister decided to take a break with a book outside.

He was laying in the sun enjoying his book and sporting shorts for the first time this season.  He told me it was so nice to just relax and re-energize for a new week.

Although, later that night things began to catch up with him...
He was shocked that he burned

Me:  Well, you were basically laying out.  You were just missing the baby oil and teen heat magazines.

The Mister:  I wasn't laying out.  I was reading my book.

Me:  What do you think laying out is?  You are basically just sitting still for the sun to fry you.

It was clear to me that he has never been a white teenage girl.  I believe I tried baby oil, water spritzing, lemon juice (to make my hair highlight "naturally"), sun-in (remember that stuff?!-- also for highlights) and my main problem was that I could never sit still long enough for any of it to work. 

The mister-- he sat still long enough for the sun to do its thing.

Now I have instant giggles every time I look at my lobster boy.

hee hee hee!


JennRose said...

I am super fair. I burn almost instantly, so I've had my fair share of sunburns. My husband gets aggravatingly tanned every summer. Never burned in his life. Until we went to Cuba. Then he got the first (so obviously worst) burn of his life... and complained non-stop.

annie said...

Oh how I feel his pain! I am white as white can be, never tanned a day in my life, but had sunburn after sunburn!

Leca said...

I like to call myself butt white. I no longer try to tan and now I find myself being tan in the summer because I'm out with the kids. Go figure.

Julaine said...

Wow baby, those are some bright red legs!!! Maybe that one cream we learned about on Saturday would help. I'm glad you were able to make it with all the other busy stuff your family had going on. I think he's so burnt that it's not even going to turn into a nice tan. Good luck taking care of him, nurse leca!

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