Friday, May 21, 2010

There's nothing like kid art to make you smile.

I love my kids art work.  Every so often I get one that I have to take a picture of so I never forget it.   Rugby is our resident artist these days so here are a few I thought you might like.

I got this one for my birthday because "Who doesn't like Iron Man?"

This one was a warning to all who dared to enter Rugby's room.
These rules were provided for all who actually made it into his room.
This is a sample from his Star Wars phase.  My favorite is that he remembered to put a beard on Obi Wan.
This is from his super hero phase.  We are currently still working through this one.  If you're up on your super heroes you'll know just who these are. 

When this guy comes home from school he loves to sit and draw.  I like to see what he comes up with.

My boy-- the ar-teest

Happy Friday!

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I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

I Heart Rugby's Art! All kid art is cute, but his is especially cute. Love his little sense of humor, too.

Kami said...

So cute! His sense of humor is pretty amazing for a little person!

I found you on MMB, love your page and posts. I'm a follower:D

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