Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My New Favorite Person-- Beth

I have had a really long weekend and a packed week.  (As so demonstrated by my lack of posts.)  Anyway, I thought I would sit down and try to squeeze something out while making dinner.  I got online and down loaded my email to find the perfect surprise.

Beth @ Sand To Pearl has left a new comment on your post "Seven thoughts for Sunday":

I just wanted to let you know I gave you a blogger award:
You don't have to participate, I just think this blog is awesome and I wanted to share it.

Her blog blurb went like this...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read this blog: Leca Unplugged. It never fails to make me laugh. Leca is so honest and real, the posts are just great. And somehow ever time I'm having a horribly stressful day, she does a post, which makes my tears of stress melt into tears of laughter. Oh, and that's the one blog my husband is even willing to look at with me. (He's never even seen mine!)

This is from a girl that I don't know outside of blog land (which is how it goes with blogs).  She went out of her way to say nice things about me.  I have to tell you Beth, you made my day.  It's been a long week and this is just what I needed. 

That's my happy thought of the day.  Pay it forward people.  Whether it's a compliment about someone's outfit, hair or attitude-- people need to know that they are appreciated.  So get out there and tell someone something nice.  That garbage guy is always on time.  Your bus driver always has a great smile.  The McDonald's lady never gets your order wrong-- whatever.  Let them know.

Happy Wednesday!  (and thanks again Beth-- YOU ROCK!)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Seven thoughts for Sunday

1.  Chocolate and peanut butter were meant to be together.  They are both OK by themselves, but get them together and watch out.  It's pure magic.

2.  Watching little kids bust a move to a dance song is highly entertaining.

3.  Bathing a 100 lb. dog in your bath tub is just not a good idea.

4.  Grape Soda counts as a fruit.

5.  The vacuum is the world's greatest invention since the toilet.  I use both equally through out the day.

6.  You can't pack a kid's lunch without a fun note to go inside.  It's the rules.

7.  Sunday nights are for long talks and good home spa treatments.  Try both tonight.

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Addiction-- it could happen to you

My name is Leca and I am addicted to cherry infused soft drinks. 

It started off very innocently.  I had a really rough day and I needed a kiddie cocktail to calm my severed nerves.  But one just wasn't enough.  I had started a little fire inside me that could not be put out.  At first it was just kiddie cocktails at home.  Then I started ordering them at restaurants.  From there I moved to harder things like Dr.Pepper and Cherry Coke.

Don't judge-- OK.  I'm pouring my heart out here.

Anyway, I thought I could quit any time but it turns out that it's harder to do than it sounds.  Help!  Me and my cherry soft drinks are hiding out here in the closet typing away.  I can't stop!  I think about them everyday!  I've started buying Grenadine by the case loads.  I have them hidden all over the house.  Is that so wrong?  At least I can assure you that I never do it with the kids around.  That is a total disaster because they actually expect me to share with them-- uh, no.  That's just crossing the line.

What can a girl do?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nasty Nails

We are sitting in church this week and I look over at my son's hands and I see this.

I have some quirks about hygiene and keeping my kids' nails trimmed is one of them.  I line them up about once every other week or less and trim fingers and toes.  It's a system that works for me and keeps all of them looking clean and fresh.

I feel like one of the signs that people will know if you are a good mother or not is the length of your kids' finger nails.  Weird-- I know.  But when you see a kid that has long gangly nails with lots of dirt caked in them I always wonder what the deal is with their mom.  Cut your nails people!

So now you know that I was completely mortified to have my son at church with troll fingers.  There I said it-- it's out there. 

How embarrassing!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Wanna know what I did with all of these?
I turned it into this...
Here are my pies all ready to go into the oven.  My sister and I pealed and cut up our peaches and made us some pie.  I don't think we will ever eat this much pie so I rounded up the kids and took some to each of their teachers.  You know, cause I'm still working on recovering from THIS incident earlier in the year.

If you would like the incredibly good recipe for this legendary pie just scroll down.  You'll see blueberries but ignore them and pretend like it's peaches because any fruit works for this recipe. 

Leca's Blueberry Peach Pie

2 Pints of fresh blueberries (washed and cleaned) Peaches-- about 6 peaches peeled and thinly sliced
2/3 C. sugar
2 T. flour

Mix ingredients together in a bowl.  Grease one pie pan and line with Pillsbury Pie Crust.  Pour mixed ingredients into the pie crust.  Set aside.

Crumble Topping

3/4 C. flour
1/3 C. sugar
1 stick butter

Fork together ingredients until it is nice and crumbly.  Pour over pie and bake at 400 degrees for 45-50 minutes (or until golden and bubbly around the edges).

I always use the Pillsbury ready made crusts because it's easy and it turns out great every time.  I pinch the crust sides to make it look nice and pretty.
Next take the blueberries, sugar and flour.
Mix them all together so the berries get a nice coating.
Pour the blueberries into your pie crust.
Crumble together your flour, sugar and butter.
Pour your crumble mixture on top of your berries.
Bake it until its nice and golden.

If you want to change it up you can use any summer fruit for this pie.  I like to make a version of this with black raspberries from my yard.  I've also tried peach, apple (just add a teaspoon of cinnamon to the  apples), raspberry, cherry-- any fruit you would like.  Tweak it until you find the perfect pie for you.

I like to serve mine pipin' hot with a little vanilla ice cream melting down the side.  Oh baby!

**After baking this pie you need to find a quiet little corner and snarf a quick piece before sharing.  Trust me-- it's THAT GOOD!**

Stretchy jeans, how do you get so stretchy?

Dear Stretchy Jeans,

I love you so very much.  I think we are soul mates.  Not just because you are always sitting there waiting for me on my shelf, but because you get me.  You let me eat donuts and funnel cakes without making me feel strangled and bloated.  You still cling to me even during flu season when there was less of me to love.  You support all of me-- even my back side.  You never judge and you are always comfortable to be with.  You will be my friend forever.  You make me feel pretty.  I hope you are never out of style.

Forever Obsessed,

Leca :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Christmas Vacation

Today I told the kids that we only had three months left until Christmas.


Breckyn debated that my calculations were off because none of the leaves have even fallen off the trees yet.

Point taken.  But I'm still right.

I asked the kids if they would like to exchange home made gifts this year and use the money we would have spent on each other to go on a family trip.

Rugby wanted to know when I would take him to the store to buy a home made gift.

I didn't even bother explaining the concept to him further.

Then the plans for a trip were starting to form in their little brains.

Zoey lead us in the first suggestion-- Paris, France. 

Breckyn piped up with Hawaii or Mexico.

Rugby was favoring Texas.

Emerson thought it'd be a good idea to go to Seattle and meet iCarly.

Then they swayed towards taking a cruise around Mexico and Hawaii so they could jump ship and scuba dive from time to time.  Oh, and could they get those drinks that they serve in a coconut with the little umbrellas too?

I'm pretty sure the Mister is thinking smaller than Paris and Hawaii.

Do any of you have really great ideas for family friendly trips? 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Millions of Peaches, Peaches for me...

I like to do things big.

So when my church group sent around a sign up for a group peach order-- I joined in.  The peaches were delivered today.  I bought 15 lbs. of peaches.  What looked good on paper is now staring me in the face on my kitchen counter.

I love peaches.  No one else does.  I now have quite a few pounds to deal with.

I'm calling out to all of you creative people...

What can I make with my peaches? 

Any good recipes out there?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Sweet Flash Backs

OK, since you guys are enjoying geekin' out with me, I'll add just a few more.
Remember Perfect Strangers?  I loved Balcki Bartokamous.  My favorite was when they started a cream puff business and they all blew up.  Good stuff...
I dream of Jeannie.  Oh, I wanted to be her.  I loved her outfit and I'd have so much fun blinking up some wishes.
I also watched Sledge Hammer and ate mac and cheese with my sisters on Saturday nights when my parents were out on dates.  We loooooved our Sledge Hammer.
I failed to mention my sweet sweet love for Batman, the Hulk and Wonder Woman.  I think that goes without saying.  I started early with my hero love.

Ahhh, the good old days....

Things I used ta couldn't live without

Have you ever sat around with people your age and talked about all the things you used to be into?  I love thinking of stuff I used to like and then trying to talk my kids into it.  It brought me so much joy as a kid, I'm sure it will bring them the same happiness.  Well, a few of those things should probably be amended because frankly, it's never as good as you remember it to be.
My sisters and I would fight over who got to wear these.  Apparently I've been obsessed with super heroes for a very long time.  I know, I have issues.
I use to buy these candy bars with my sister from the gas station up the road from us.  I only bought them because they were the biggest for my money's worth.  They are a bit nasty and quite chewy but you couldn't get anything bigger for 35 cents-- I guarantee it!
I use to race home from school to see this show.  I loved it.  I always wanted my own sea of money to swim in.  Ah, maybe some day.
I remember staying up "late" with my Dad to watch this gem.  I still hum the theme song from time to time.  Anyone with me on this one?
I had my mom make me a load of hammer pants (with matching cumber buns) to wear to school.  Oh, I looked goooood.  (thanks mom)  Nothing says style like a low baggy crotch.
This is another show I would race home to watch.  The best ones were when He-Man and She-Ra over lapped into each other's worlds and worked together to stop the bad guys.  I started my kids on this show and they love it too.  The bad news is-- it's a lot lamer than I remembered.
The Dukes of Hazzard is a classic.  I was too naive to get the whole hottie Daisy thing so it was all about catching the bad guys to me.  Plus hopping into a car without actually using the door-- how cool is that?
These were rare in our area (I mean the one gas station where we would buy our candy) and my sister and I would jump at the chance to buy these babies whenever we could.  I'm pretty sure my tastes have matured since then but I have bought a few from time to time just to indulge in the memories.
Pound Puppies!  I was in love with a boy in my class who had them all.  That was his only appeal to me.  I know, so shallow.  But hey, they were pretty hard to find back then because they were always selling out.  Don't judge!

These glasses were my pride and joy.  I hung onto these for a very long time until my sister's boyfriend accidentally ran them over.  (sniff sniff)  They are coming back in style and I have bought a pair for each of my girlies.  Hey, I can live through them every once in a while.

Thanks for taking a trip down memory lane with me.

What were you into back in the day?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Boys and Girls

The difference between a boy and a girl-- huge I tell ya.

This is what you get when you tell your girl to smile for the camera.

This is what you get when you tell your boy to smile for the camera.

This is what you get when you tell him to take his finger out of his nose.

This is what you get when you tell him to quit acting like a Goober.


Monday, September 13, 2010


There are some things I just don't understand.

Why do we put up with waiting at the doctor's office?  If a restaurant seated you and made you wait for your food for an hour, would you go back?  Probably not.  But if the doctor's office seats you in the room and then leaves you stranded for an hour staring nervously at all of their tools wondering which ones they will torture you with-- you'll go back.  Why?

Why is is OK for bad service at some places but not at others?

Take the post office for instance.  You want to mail a package.  They give you several choices.  You can go priority for a high price and they'll have it there lickity splits.  Or you can take regular for a cheaper price and they'll kick it around in back for a few days before they feel like getting it delivered.  Then for even more money you can get delivery confirmation.  What?!?  So I'm paying them to do a really good job, a crappy job and I'll pay extra just to make sure the job gets done at all?!?  Really?

I'm more picky about the services rendered for my dog's hair cut than for mine.  If they hack me up I go right back to give them another try because I hate finding a new stylist.  If they hack up the pooch-- I'm going somewhere else! 

What is wrong with this picture?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Welcome Fall

This is my official welcome to fall.

If I have to give up my flops, then I might as well do it in style.  I found these beauties at Target (of course) for $8.  I love you new shoes.  You make me so happy.

I love the time in fall and spring where I can get away with wearing shoes without socks.  I'm totally not on board with the slip socks that barely cover you toes.  My feet are slip sock challenged and they drive me insane.  They are always slightly showing like a bad bra for my toes.  Just nutty.  Can't do it.

Happy fall shoe shopping!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sara Bareilles

I love Sara Bareilles!  She has a new album out and I'm in heaven.  I thought you might like a new song for the car.  Check it out it's called King of Anything.  I'm not a huge fan of music videos but I wanted you to be able to hear it.  So if you don't want your visual image of the song tainted just close your eyes after you hit play.  If you like it try the rest of the album-- it rocks.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Five Guys Review

Most of you know that I am a restaurant snob.  If not you can see proof HERE.

I've been a huge fan of In-N-Out Burger for several years.  To show my support for them, I have shunned Five Guys because I thought it was a rip off of my old favorite.

Then complications started happening for me and my protest.  I don't exactly live anywhere near an In-N-Out.  Although I do visit whenever my travels allow it.  Then Five Guys have started popping up all around our area.  The pressure got to me and...  I caved.  A girl can only be so strong-- alright!
So the Mister and I set out to see what all the fuss was about.
We sampled a few of the menu items.  We tried the burgers.  Which you must have with EVERYTHING.  I love my burgers juicy and dripping with tons of stuff.  (Just as a side note the regular burger is a double which we didn't know.  You have to order a little burger to get a single.  Our puppy was glad we accidentally order doubles and happily finished them off for us.)
We also tried their hot dogs.  I'm telling you they weren't your average weenie.  It was butterflied, grilled and topped with cheese and bacon.  Yowza!
The fries were made from fresh potatoes and cooked to crispy perfection.  Word to the wise:  You get a bazillion fries in an order.  You can have 2 adults share one regular order and still have enough left to feed an angry mob of sea gulls.
We ordered 2 fries (being Five Guy virgins-- we didn't know) and we got creative with our left overs.
We left with happy tummies and a new opinion of Five Guys.  We really liked their food.  If you've never been, you should give it a try.  You won't be disappointed.  The only thing they didn't have was shakes.  So I'll still have to go to In-N-Out for my shake fix.  But hey, at least I don't have to get on a plane to go to Five Guys.

Five Guys, I think we can be friends.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Mister

Meet the Mister.

Man of mystery, super spy, tre chic, and cheesy Dad extraordinaire.

The Mister and I had some fun together trying to find the perfect pair of sunglasses for him.  We went to Target and hung out in the glasses section trying anything and everything on.  It was a hoot.  After narrowing it down a bit we thought we needed another opinion so we started asking around.  Some random lady told us just what she thought.  I asked her if they looked a bit too girly.  She assured the Mister that they didn't.  But she thought they would look much better when the tag was removed because it proved to be a bit distracting.  Point taken.  Glasses purchased.

We were going for the Michael Weston look.  (You know, Burn Notice on USA... come on, you don't watch Burn Notice?  Well, you really should.  It's a sweet awesome spy show with lots of fun action.  We're hooked.  You should look into it.  Really.)

What do you think?  Are they a keeper?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Love Boat

About a month ago I bought tickets to a tour boat on a local lake.  I have been ridiculously excited about it because I meant that the mister and I would actually have a date that did not consist of dinner and a movie. 

The night in question arrived and I got all dressed up for my hot hot date.  (A girl's gotta look good for her Mister you know.)  We headed down to the lake and immediately realized our mistake.  I had booked us for the cocktail cruise and we don't drink.  We boarded the boat and before we even pushed away from the pier many of our fellow cruisers were already on their second and third rounds.  I knew it was going to be a long night.

They had a small table of chex mix, cheese and crackers.  Since everyone else was pretty much plowed the mister didn't think anyone would notice him mounding several plates worth of goodies to make our night worth something.  It was slightly embarrassing-- but so worth it.

Then the booze music started at full blast and we were barely able to talk to each other.  The love boat turned into the cruise from hell very quickly.  About a half hour into the tour the mister and I were huddled over Stella (my iPhone) playing games and down loading apps.  (Yet another reason that I am in love with Stella.)

We debated jumping ship and swimming for shore but we stuck it out anyway.  Ugh!  We totally should have done it.  We would have looked like super spies being chased by the enemy.  Or perhaps we would have just looked like chubby middle aged floaters who had had enough. 

I'm thinking after that-- dinner and movie sound just fine with me.
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