Sunday, May 2, 2010

Meet Zoey

This is my baby girl Zoey.  She is a bit of a drama queen.  So when she tripped and fell the other day people two countries over heard about it.  Seriously.

Amidst the screaming and faux pain, she manages to let me know that her arm has to be broken.  Let me remind you again that this girl is a drama fest.

I calm her down and grab an ice pack and things just go south from there.  She is insisting that her arm has to be broken and she is in the most pain of her life.  Minutes later she is off to play with her brothers and sister.  I assume that all is well and the subject is closed.  No.  I'm not that lucky.

The next day she throws a huge fit before school (of course) that she needs to see a doctor.  I remind her of all the things she has been doing with her arm that would stand to prove her wrong.  Before she leaves for school she verbally commits me to call the doctor and bust her out of school at the first chance I get.  I'm on to this game.  I don't call.

After school she pulls the same thing again.  So I cave and take her to our local walk-in clinic.  On the way there we have words...

Me:  You do realize that going to the doctor will cost a lot of money-- right?

Z:  I get it Mom!

Me:  We still have to pay if you are hurt or not.

Z:  Mom, I know, I still want to go.

When we get there I do my best to hurry her through the motions and answer all the doctors' questions.  He does a very long and detailed examination of her arm.  I'm just waiting for him to send us on our way with our little Barbie stickers and big ol' bill.  He doesn't.  Instead he says that Z will need some x-rays.

Now I'm starting to feel a little small and Z is giving me the I told you so look. 

While we are waiting for the x-rays to come back we have a little time to talk.

Me:  I bet you 10 bucks your arm is fine.

Z:  I don't have 10 bucks but I have 2 cents-- you're on.

Me:  I'm so sure nothing is wrong with you; I'll take your bet and raise you one week of bed making!

Z:  That means when he tells me my arm is broken you owe me 2 cents and I don't have to make my bed for a week.

Me:  That means that when he tells us your arm is fine you owe me 2 cents and a weeks worth of perfect bed making without being asked.

The doctor returns and money changes hands.

Her arm had a small buckle fracture.

I feel about 2 inches tall.

Geez, I'm such a good mom.

Zoey was on cloud nine.  She had a smile plastered on her face for days after.  She was basking in her victory.

She left the doctors office 2 cents richer with a cool velcro arm brace and a bit of a bounce in her step.

I would have bet the farm she was fine.... good thing I don't actually own a farm.


Agi said...

Oh man, Zoey sounds just like my daughter. And I would have done the same thing. So I guess we're both runners up for 'Mum of the Year' award ;)

juli henrie said...

Britt was my drama queen. She swore to me she broke her toe and I told her she was full of it.. next morning she wakes up and her whole foot is black and blue....yep i felt the same. crappy mom

annie said...

I am a member of this club! I let my 12 year old walk around on a broken ankle for a week before I finally took her to the doc - I still pat myself on the back for that one!

Cassie said...

I can't believe it!!! She is a serious drama queen but this time she was right! I'm on your side I would have guessed she was faking too!

Cassie said...

At least you didn't make that bet with Brecky because she would have had the $10 and backed it up with more...then you would have been in trouble! :)

connie said...

Well, way to go Mom, Don't feel bad, I did that twice with both girls with in 2 weeks. Needless to say the cops were on my trail. Mother abuse. Did you still have to pay the big bucks since you waited two days and denied the whole thing?

Cheri said...

She is so cute (drama and all). These was probably never a kid so happy to find out she was really injured. How funny!

leardonsbelle said...

I will have to share that with my dad. We still tease him about when my brother fell off of a fence onto cement and wanted my dad to take him to the doctor because his knee hurt. My dad told him that he owed him the gas money for driving him to the hospital if nothing was wrong. It ended up his knee cap was broken in half. Was in a brace for over two months. :) He will be happy to hear he isn't the only one.

Margene said...

Sound like us when Catherine broke her arm on the patio roller skating, I think. The Doctor ask her if it was her Daddy who did it. When the Mister broke the third bone one year I told him the next time he would have to drive himself to the doctor because I wasn't going.

kristen said...

We don't go to the doc unless an arm is missing or something. Did she at least get a pink arm brace?

Loose Sparrow Arts N Crafts said...

Ha ha! My son once ran across a field to tell me his foot was broken. Yeah, right! Ummmm, he was right. Darn kids...

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