Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Girls

I've been thinking about being a Mom and all the things that it entails.  You can read about some of my thoughts HERE

Then I thought about all the people that have helped make me the mom that I am today.  So here's your shout out guys!  I come from a family of four girls-- no boys.  So I've got me some sisters and a fabulous Mom.  Here's what they taught me about being a mom...

...that having your name in crayon is better than having your name in lights.

...that you need a good girls night every now and then.
...that being yourself is better than being perfect.
...that a good dessert can dry your tears.

...that being a good mom means getting dirty and playing along.

...that being in public wearing your swimsuit is worth the humiliation.
...that sometimes you have to choose your battles.
...that having emergency underwear is a toddler necessity.
...that no matter how tired you are-- being a mom is worth it.

So to you four lovely ladies I'm saying thank you...

Thank you for being my on call babysitters.
Thank you for being my crisis hot line.
Thank you for cutting the size tags out of my after baby pants you bought me.
Thank you for believing in me.
Thank you for sharing your lives and your children with me.
Thank you for always being on my team no matter how crazy it is.

I love you guys!  I couldn't make it without you.


Brenda said...

Hey Lecca, thanks to you, I got a Shark Pocket Steam Mop for Mothers' Day and I LOVE it! It works just as good as you promised - thanks for the info!

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

What a sweet post, Lec. You rock. My favorite line was having your name in crayon rather than in lights. I love the post and I love you!

Margene said...

You had lots of good examples to follow and lots of extra love along the way.

Cassie said...

Thanks Lec. I miss and love you tons! You are an amazing example to me!

The Snow Queen said...

Crayons- yep- way better

jae said...

What a wonderful tribute to some wonderful women! It is a blessing to know you all!

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