Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stupid Dog!

I could kill my dog!

I have a little Yorkiechon (Yorkie and Bichon mix) he is all of 14 pounds but he has taken over our house.

Don't get me wrong I love this little guy.  He has helped me in so many ways.  But when it gets dark out he turns into a psycho!

I let him out and he runs circles around the yard.  He chases anything that moves.  He barks at everything that makes noise and he goes buck wild when he sees a bug.  I turn on the back light when I let him out which ends up being a beacon to all bugs within a 5 mile radius.

He goes out and does his nutty routine.  Then he comes to the door and scratches to get back in.  I get up to let him in and in the time that it takes me to get to the door a bug will distract him and he'll go running off to chase it.

Then the aggravation begins...  he scratches, I get up and as my fingers brush the handle of the door, he runs....  we repeat this about 12 times.

By the time he actually comes in the house I'm ready to KILL him! 

What should I do with my stinkin' dog?

Any ideas?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's like Budd-ah!

There are two kinds of people in this world, those who butter and those who fake it.

I adore butter.  It makes everything taste better.

For years I subscribed to the notion that fake butter was better for you because it had less fat blah blah blah.  But in recent years I have taken the approach that real butter is closer to nature so it has to be better for you-- right?!?

Either way, I know what tastes better and I'm in heaven.

What is better than a hot crispy piece of toast slathered in warm melted butter?  How about some freshly popped popcorn with some butter drizzled over the top?  Better yet, how about some nice warm muffins with a generous pat of butter.  OoOO OOO, Mom's homemade rolls with fresh butter that oozes down the side when you spread it?

OK-- I have to stop before I put myself into a butter coma.

Butter makes everything better that's all there is to it.

So which are you-- the real thing or a faker?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kids Play Room

If you are looking for an amazing idea for a kids play room you have to check THIS out.  My sister made the coolest playroom for her boys.  It seriously is unbelievable.  Even if you aren't in the market to make one you should take a peek.  It is so fun.  Just click HERE.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Latest Find

I just finished reading this book.  I had heard Oprah mention it several weeks ago and then she devoted an entire show to it earlier this month.  If you have never heard of this book it explores the relationship between food and our lives.  It takes you through an extraordinary journey of your own soul.  I'm not a huge fan of self-help books or weight loss plans and this isn't exactly either.  It's more like helping you to remember how amazing you already are.

The author, Geneen Roth, makes you think about why you eat the way that you do and how that is connected to your self esteem.  She shows you things about yourself and your habits that you may have never thought about.  Why do you over eat?  Why do you deprive yourself of food?  How is all of that connected to your own self worth?  She helps you look in the mirror and put aside all of your excuses not to love yourself.  I found myself thinking, "Hey, I am great and I do have worth."

Coming from a religious back ground that comment might shock several of you.  I know that I am a child of God and that he loves me.  But that doesn't always equate to me loving myself.  I constantly lecture myself internally for being chubby, lazy, ugly, a bad mother, a horrible house keeper-- a fraud in my own life.

Why?  Why should I even allow myself to think things like that.  If I don't like me, then how can I expect anyone else to like me either.  I am tired of trying to hide behind a mask of perceived perfection.

I am me and I'm OK with that.

I like me.

I cannot say enough good things about this book.  You must read it!  If you are a super cheap skate then you can borrow my book.  That's how serious I am about having everyone read it.  I already have two people waiting to read it but it's worth the wait.

If you would like to buy your own copy they have it at Target (and many other stores) or you can click on the link below and have it brought straight to your door from Amazon.
If you've already read the book-- tell me about it.  I love to talk about what I've read.  If you have questions-- ask away.  This is a topic I'm ready to sink my teeth into.  Go read it already so I have someone to dish about it with!


I don't have a tattoo.

I'm pretty sure I'm to indecisive (or flighty) to actually commit to anything that permanent.

I'd pick something and then change my mind before they even finished putting it on.  "Flower-- no wait, a star, no-- a giant picture of the Mister, he would love that!"

Plus, do I really want people staring at me even more than they already do?

Seriously, I try to be as inconspicuous as possible when out in public.  A tattoo says, "Come look at me!"

Whenever I see a person with an obvious tattoo I wonder things like, "I wonder if their mother knows they have that?"  Or, "Lets say they have a fancy party to go to.  Do they use base to cover it up?"  "When they are old will it look all weird and jumbled?"  "I bet a nice turtle neck would cover that puppy up..... wait, does anyone really wear turtle necks anymore?"  "If they get really really fat does it grow with them?"  "Gee wiz, that must have taken a lot of needles!  Yowza!"

My mind wanders a lot in public.  I like to make up stories about people to keep myself entertained.  It makes going to the store a little bit more fun.  Tattoos add a little spice to my stories. 

OK, just in writing this post I've changed my mind about which tattoo I'd get.  A Chinese proverb... hmmm, maybe not.  How can anyone commit to one choice for that long.  I've already redecorated my house several times and it's only 5 years old.  I even rearrange the furniture on a regular basis to keep things fresh.

Getting a tattoo is clearly too much pressure for me.

I'm going to go move some furniture.

(So how about you.... do you tattoo?)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life Lessons

Remember this?

This is one of my all time favorite clips from The Cosby Show.  When I was younger I sided with Theo.  Now that I'm a little bit older I'm right there with Cliff.

I'm pretty sure my kids think money comes from the ATM.  We're still working on the whole job money concept.  It's a very slow work in progress.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Thank you!

Thank you Thank You THANK YOU!

This post is dedicated to you today.

Yep-- that's right YOU.  The one reading this right now.

I started this blog just a few short months ago in hopes to channel some of my creative energy.  I find that blogging is a source of relaxation and a great outlet for adult communications.

Being a mom is really great but sometimes I like to have something for myself.  That's what this has become for me.  I love writing and sharing great finds with you.  Every time I get a comment it makes my day.

Whenever I've had one of those days-- I run home to see if I have any comments.  It always cheers me up to know that people enjoy what I've written.

Some days I write a little late in the day.  It's because when I wake up I'm busy getting the kids off to school and doing the daily chores.  I like to sit down when I have more than a second to really get some good stuff down.  Some days I can't think of anything to write.  On those days, I just tell myself "it's early-- just wait for it and it will come to you."  It always does.  Life rarely slows down around here.  There is a story in almost everything we do.

You have become an addiction for me.  I check my comments more than I should because-- I like you.  I like to see what you have to say.

So thanks for being my friend.  You are great.


(I'm so glad I didn't have to choose because I couldn't.  I wanted to give one to everyone but the mister said no.  So I went with Random to do my dirty work.)
Thanks to my friends at we have a winner.

Number 13  Cassie

(please email me)

It looks like she won't be cooking dinner tonight!  Congratulations!

If you were hoping to win something amazing just stay tuned and I'll give you another chance very soon.

(comments off)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lobster Boy

Yesterday the family had lots of different activities to go to.  The Mister and I split into teams to get everyone where they needed to go.  When it was my turn with the kids, the Mister decided to take a break with a book outside.

He was laying in the sun enjoying his book and sporting shorts for the first time this season.  He told me it was so nice to just relax and re-energize for a new week.

Although, later that night things began to catch up with him...
He was shocked that he burned

Me:  Well, you were basically laying out.  You were just missing the baby oil and teen heat magazines.

The Mister:  I wasn't laying out.  I was reading my book.

Me:  What do you think laying out is?  You are basically just sitting still for the sun to fry you.

It was clear to me that he has never been a white teenage girl.  I believe I tried baby oil, water spritzing, lemon juice (to make my hair highlight "naturally"), sun-in (remember that stuff?!-- also for highlights) and my main problem was that I could never sit still long enough for any of it to work. 

The mister-- he sat still long enough for the sun to do its thing.

Now I have instant giggles every time I look at my lobster boy.

hee hee hee!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Sneaky Poo

I have some little friends. 

They forget to flush the toilet quite often.

I go to use the bathroom and there it is-- the sneaky poo.

My children love to use the bathroom and leave me presents all the time.

Sometimes there's toilet paper and sometimes there isn't.  It depends on their mood.

I feel like I trained them right.  Whenever they come out of the bathroom I yell, "Did you flush?"  They quickly reply yes no matter what they really did.  Then I pester them to go wash their hands-- with soap!  I add.  I have even gone so far as to smell their hands if I suspect a lie.

...and yet, I still get greeted daily by at least one forgotten poo.

I have threatened death to all "forgetful flushers."  I've tried taxing each kid for left over poo.  I've tried shaming out the poo leaver.  It doesn't matter.  They sneak in and sneak out and I'm left staring at their nasty poo.

My fear is that someday I'll have company over and they will find a surprise when they use the bathroom.  That would be mortifying!

I always dreamed of having a clean bathroom with fluffy hand towels, sweet smelling soap and the antiseptic clean smell of an adult bathroom.  Instead I live with kids who never flush, never hang up the hand towel, squirt the soap every where and leave puddles in interesting places.

I think I'm going to tile the entire bathroom floor to ceiling and just use the pressure washer on it when the kids are done.

Problem Solved.

I wonder if the Mister will go for it?

Friday, May 21, 2010

There's nothing like kid art to make you smile.

I love my kids art work.  Every so often I get one that I have to take a picture of so I never forget it.   Rugby is our resident artist these days so here are a few I thought you might like.

I got this one for my birthday because "Who doesn't like Iron Man?"

This one was a warning to all who dared to enter Rugby's room.
These rules were provided for all who actually made it into his room.
This is a sample from his Star Wars phase.  My favorite is that he remembered to put a beard on Obi Wan.
This is from his super hero phase.  We are currently still working through this one.  If you're up on your super heroes you'll know just who these are. 

When this guy comes home from school he loves to sit and draw.  I like to see what he comes up with.

My boy-- the ar-teest

Happy Friday!

If you haven't entered to win the Chili's gift card-- get to it!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Green Kid

I am not what you would call a "green" person.  I love paper towels, paper plates, plastic cups, bottled water-- OK, anything that is disposable.  My daughter Breckyn is mortified by my anti-environmental behavior.

Last year after learning what plastic bottles do to the environment, she made me go out and buy a water purifier for the fridge and pledge that I would stop using so many bottles.  That lasted about a week before I couldn't take it any more.  I love having the convenience of the pre-done bottles.  I know-- I'm a monster.

Then she decided that we needed to recycle.  I was using our recycle bin as the boys ball storage in the garage.  She cleaned it out and claimed that we were now recyclers.  We would be saving the world one piece of trash at a time.  She roped the Mister into it and now he and I are at silent war over recycling.  When I finish my bottles of water I toss them in the trash just to get "team green."  He actually digs them out to recycle them.  Then he rats me out to Breckyn and I have to hear a long lecture about the benefits of recycling.

This morning she was leaving on a walking field trip and I tell her she needs to put on sunblock.  I take her outside and spray her down.  She explains to me that in the "olden days" (you know, when you were a kid mom) they didn't have to use sunblock because the ozone was thicker.  But now since everyone has polluted the earth there is no ozone left to protect us from the sun, so we have to wear sunblock.

She is determined to change our household to be a little more green.  She is slowly turning everyone against me.  This morning Em says to me, "I hate littering because soon our whole earth will be trash.  I'm never going to litter."  (Says the boy who can't pick up his own underwear off the floor.)

She got to him alright.  My baby is now on "team green."

The only benefit I've gotten from having her be psychotically green has been having her pick up trash in our yard.  She organized a trash pick up for our family one Saturday and we walked up and down our road picking up all the nasties that people throw out their windows.  She accused me of tossing things that looked familiar to her-- but even I'm not that bad.

I'm secretly not so against going green but she looks at me like I'm a criminal.  So it makes me want to prove her wrong. 

My numbers are starting to dwindle.  Pretty soon the whole family will be on "team green" and I'll be left all alone to wallow in my own trash.

Where did I go wrong?

Ahhh, Love

I love having a family.

I feel so comfortable in my own home.

I know that the mister and I have a great relationship.  Want to know how I know that?

Well, the other night we are sitting on the couch together and I've got my legs in his lap.  We are having a nice conversation about our week ahead when the hugest sneeze hits me.  I sneeze so hard a squeaked out a really loud fart.  I look at him and he starts busting up. 

You know it's love when you fart and they can laugh with you about it.

Isn't love grand?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Birthday Giveaway!

Giveaway closed
Today is my birthday.

That gives me license to do whatever I want.

One of my favorite things to do is give stuff away.  So today is your lucky day.

In celebration of my birthday I'm giving away a $25 gift card to Chili's (It also works at Macaroni Grill, On The Border and Maggiano's.)

I love to eat out.

I love not having to cook dinner even better.

To enter all you need to do is one or all of the following...
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1.  Leave a comment
2.  Become a follower
3.  Post about my giveaway with a link back on your blog
4.  Post my button on your blog
*Please leave a comment for each entry.

**Please make sure that your name is linked to an email address so I can contact the winner.**

Oh, can you taste the chips and salsa already?

Then let's go-- enter already!  Geesh!

**Giveaway closes Sunday night at midnight**

Giveaway Closed!

Dirty Stinkin' Dishes

I have a huge mountain of dishes on my counter this morning.  I have been putting off the dishes for way too long.

I go to unload the dishwasher and it's dirty.  It's full, dirty and just sitting there.

Apparently I have Legos for brains because this isn't the first time.

This happens to me all the time!

So I squeeze a few more dishes in and start that sucker up.

Now I'm left with an enormous pile of dirty dishes that is starting to smell a little funky.

My dishwasher takes a shade under a decade to wash a load so me and the dirty dishes will be staring at each other all day long!

Stupid dishes!

I'm this close to going paper-- I swear I'll do it!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Too Many Birthdays

I have four kids. 

They all get invited to birthday parties quite regularly.

That means that I'm shelling out some serious moola for some random kids' birthday on a regular basis.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good birthday party as much as the next fool, but the madness of it all is costing me a small fortune.

I try to buy little toys and art supplies on clearance.  I have a box of clearance toys in the closet that I can pick from when we get an invitation.  But then some times I wonder, "Do they know that this is a clearance item and not really something hand picked for them?"  Then I think, "Duh, they are just kids, they don't really know the difference-- right?"  Hopefully the parents are too busy to notice the bargain gift that I just pawned off on their kid.

I usually go with said bargain toy, candy, and art supplies.  I have my child add a personalized note and call it quits.

When it's my kid's birthday I go with the family angle.  We make a huge deal about their birthday at home.  I decorate, buy presents, let them pick a cake, dinner, character paper plates, and we do a big family activity (like Six Flags or a water park) and invite their cousins along. 

I have never had a birthday party with all of their friends from school for any of my kids.

Since I hate all of the bazillion parties we end up going to-- it's only fair that I don't torture anyone else with my kids' parties either.

It's madness-- madness I tell you!

Who's with me?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Guilt, it tastes like M&Ms

Today I went to the grocery store to do my stinkin' shopping.  I broke the grocery shopping code.  


You didn't know there was a code?

Well, there is... and you should know it.


See... it's an important one, huh?

To be perfectly honest hunger wasn't my biggest problem because I had just eaten lunch.  The problem was I was ready for dessert.  I had that sweet tooth craving that is so hard to kick.  I had a nice warm belly and it was waiting for a quick capper.  Just a little something sugary to finish off my lovely lunch.

So, I left the store with...

Lucky Charms
Double Stuft Oreos
Double Stuft Golden Oreos
Three flavors of ice cream (cause one just isn't enough)
Peanut M&Ms
Regular M&Ms
Root beer
Waffle cones

and a whole lot of guilt.

In fact as I type the M&Ms are literally calling my name.  It's the perfect time for a little indulgence.  The kids are tucked in bed, the mister is in his office and the dog is napping.  There is no one to pester me to share.  NO ONE!

OK, that's it!  If it's between you and the M&Ms-- the M&Ms win tonight.

Sorry, we're close... but not that close.

See you tomorrow!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Music and Bacon

There are two things that make my house very very happy.

Music and Bacon.

I have found two sites that have made this waaaay easier for me.

First, I love music.  It helps my brain function.  I am constantly looking for fun happy music.  I don't listen to slow music very often because I want to be in an upbeat happy go-go-go state.  I was reading in Real Simple Magazine the other day and they suggested THIS site.  It's called  I'm hooked.

All you have to do is go to the site and pick your mood and they bring up a play list for you.  You can either leave your computer on and it will play through it or you can skip around and check it out.  I've got a new list of fun stuff that I'm ready to buy.  It's really easy and it's right on with your moods.

The other miracle I stumbled on is all about bacon.  The mister loves bacon in a huge way and I hate cooking it for him.  The grease splatters, the mess, the time-- yuck.  Now I love bacon as much as the next person, but it's not worth the hassle to me.  I found an amazing way to cook it restaurant crispy in a few minutes WITHOUT A MESS!  I kid you not!  I've been cooking bacon like a fiend the last few weeks because it's so easy.  The mister is in heaven.

Check out THIS link. 


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Meet Breckyn

Meet Breckyn.  She is my big girl.  It was her birthday last week.  She turned 10.  She loves exploring the outdoors, animals, rocks and being in charge. 

The mister was out at the store and he called me all excited that he had found the perfect birthday present for Breckyn.  It was a rock tumbler.  B loves collecting rocks and cleaning them up.  I told him to buy it because I thought it would mean a lot to B that her Dad had picked out a gift especially for her.

On her birthday she was very excited to put it together.  The mister took her into his office and they began following the directions.  A few minutes later the mister comes out of the office looking a little frazzled.

The Mister:  I'm not so sure this rock thing was the best idea.

Me:  Are you kidding me?  She loves it-- it's perfect.

The Mister:  Well, I was reading the directions and it says that you need to tumble the rocks in phases.

Me:  OK, so...

The Mister:  The first phase lasts 4 days.

Me:  What?!?

The Mister:  It gets worse.  The second phase lasts for 14 days.  The last phase lasts for 6 days.

Me:  Does it run on batteries-- cause that's a lot of batteries.

The Mister:  No it plugs in.  Maybe I could sneak it away from her.  I can package it back up and return the stupid thing.

Me:  You can't do that she'll notice.

The Mister:  OK, then we'll have the first three rocks done in about a month.  A MONTH!  It's going to be a long summer.

The kicker is, it's super loud.  So we moved it into the garage but every time I go out there it scares the crap out of me cause I keep forgetting its there.  It took the dog the first three days to stop freaking out about the noise coming from the back door.

Rocks!  It's tumbling rocks.  I could probably go down to the store and buy a bag of those smooth marbles and call it good.  But nooooo, now we have our very own rock tumbler.

All I can say is-- they'd better come out diamonds for the time we're putting into this stupid thing.  Geesh!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Hot Doctor

A few years ago I had to take Emerson to the emergency room because he had eaten a nut and had an allergic reaction.  His poor little face was all swollen and splotchy and he couldn't stop coughing.

I was freaking out because I didn't know he was allergic to the nut and I'm the one who fed it to him.  My little sister came along to help stabilize me and keep things running smoothly.

We get in the room and we strip my little guy down and put him in the tiniest little hospital gown.  He is being so good and my sister is doing a great job distracting him while I give all the information to the nurse.  She sets us up with all the meds he needs and goes to get the doctor.

My sister and I are entertaining Em when the doctor walks in.  He happens to be the most beautiful man I have ever seen.  I kid you not, he was gorgeous.  I'm full on staring at this guy.  I start having the hardest time focusing.  I tell him the story of how we ended up in the ER and I'm trying to explain how I didn't know he was allergic and I'm yammering on.  Apparently he feels bad for me so he hugs me.  HE HUGS ME! 

I start giggling.  I'm actually little girl giggling at this guy.  I can't help it.  He was so pretty.  Suddenly I'm that awkward 15 year old girl again trying to impress some cutie boy.  It was so embarrassing.  I was like a big train wreck and I couldn't stop myself.  Giggling I tell you...  I'm a grown woman with oodles of kids and this man reduced my to a pile of drool simply by entering the room.  Pathetic.

We make it through the rest of the appointment and we are leaving the hospital.  I haven't said anything to my sister about the doctor and I'm hoping she didn't notice what a complete moron I was making of myself in front of him.  I'm thinking through all the angles of my idiot moves with this guy when she says, "That was the hottest doctor I have ever seen!"

Relief consumes my whole body-- I wasn't imagining it.  She saw it too.  He was so HOT!!! 

Now, if anyone ever needs to go to the ER, I am first in line to offer my support. 

His legend lives on through all of our sister story times simply as Hot Doctor.

Have you ever had someone help you that is so breathtaking that you make a complete idiot out of yourself staring?  Come on-- 'fess up...

Modern Family captures this kind of slobbery moment perfectly.  Claire dresses up when Phil gets hurt and calls 911. The firemen in their town are super hot and she gets giggly too.  Here's what happens in the after mass.  Isn't marriage great?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Secret Morning Weapons

Most of you know what a struggle it is to get the kids out the door in the morning. Some days are better than others. But in general, there is a huge relief felt around the world when everyone is where they are suppose to be with everything they are suppose to have with them.

Here are a few of my Secret Weapons to getting the kids out on time...

1.  Prepack.  When I had toddlers and babies around I always had my diaper bag packed and ready to go at the back door.  I had my bag filled with the everyday needs and emergency essentials.  Now that I have older kids I still keep a small pouch in my purse for any and all needs my kids (or the mister) might have.  I keep things like mini-air freshener (that has come in handy more times than I can remember), hand sanitizer, elastics, barrettes, band aids, cold medicine strips, nail trimmers, a pill pouch with assorted pills, mini-headphones, safety pins and a spare pads (for me).  I also keep tissues, chapstick, lotion and gum in other pockets.  I always like to be prepared.  (I keep things like cold packs, pencils, wet wipes, tissues, napkins, water bottles, and Advil in my glove box in the car-- you never know.)

2.  Set up for your morning the night before.  When I know we have a busy morning scheduled I set the table for breakfast, pack lunches, write notes, put out shoes-- basically anything we'll need for the next morning so we can just get out the door without thinking too much.

3.  Set out clothes the night before.  I have done this for my kids since they were born.  I include everything they need like undies, socks, undershirts, clothes ect.  They each have a location in the hall that their pile goes and they all know the routine.  It can get sketchy the older your kids get so you can change it up by letting them pick out the clothes the night before.  Just stick to your guns and make them keep their choice.  The days I have problems with the girlies and their clothes dramas are the days that I forget to lay their clothes out.  It doesn't happen often, but when it does I'm always sorry.

4.  Get a daily routine in place.  My kids know that no matter what they are doing, we always get dressed at 7:30 a.m.  We always have breakfast at 8:00 and shoes need to be on by 8:16.  There are no surprises and the kids like to have the predictability that a schedule provides.

5.  If you are having problems with attitudes in the morning, music is an instant cure all.  If we are heading to church, I play my soft church music.  If we are heading out to a party, I put on something that makes me want to dance.  If I need the kids to calm down-- something mellow.  It's not rocket science but it always works for me.

6.  All homework must be done the night before.  This one seems obvious, but every kid tries to bend the rules on this one so they can play at night just a little longer.  I have finally put a rule in place that homework needs to be done as soon as they get home.  I pick one kid at a time and go through their entire backpack, talk about their day, do homework with them and help them pack it for the next day.  I have four kids so that takes quite a bit of time and patience but it's so worth it.  I get to spend time with each child, give them the attention that they need, stay updated with their lives and help them feel completely prepared for school the next day.

I'm no expert by any means but I know that I like to be on time and feel prepared.  I know that it makes my kids feel confident and it makes our morning go so much smoother.  I hope this helps you and your household.  Mornings can be hairy-- but they don't have to be if you plan ahead.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I just ordered a few headbands from Loopdeelou and let me tell you-- I'm in love!  I tried to take a few pictures of myself to show you how they look on and it turns out it's a little complicated to take a picture of yourself. 

When I got the headbands I was a little hesitant to try the soft ones because I've had issues with other ones before.  You put them in and then they slide all day long-- not anymore.  These were just the right amount of grab without squeezing your brain too hard.  I have to say, I feel pretty hip and cool.
I'm going on a field trip with Breckyn's class today and I feel so cute-- I know there will be no embarrassing crazy mom moments today.

If you haven't taken a look at Loopdeelou yet-- click HERE.  They have all sorts of soft and hard headbands that help you put a little zip into your look.  Go ahead, you deserve something nice.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vacuum Obsession Revealed

So apparently some of you cannot wrap your brains around my vacuum obsession.  I fully admitted it was a little whacked-- but hey, that's me.  I'm a little quirky and a lot nutty.  So since you must know, here's the dirty details about my healthy obsession.

1.  I own a Dyson.  I am completely in love with it.  I use it to vacuum the entire house, vents and any weird place I can shove the extension into.

2.  I own a Swiffer vac.  You all know about that one.  Great for my the kids kitchen messes.

3.  I have an Oreck hand vacuum that I use to clean up after giving everyone haircuts.  I also use it to assign extra chores to the kids.  I have them vacuum the stair crevasses.

4.  I have an amazing shop vac.  It has removable bags so when I'm done cleaning out the car or the garage I can just peel out the liner and never have to stare at those french fries I sucked up from the back seat again.

5.  I have a hand vacuum in the garage that I use when the kids get dirt or snacks scattered all over the car.  I also use it to clean out the sandy grit from the bottom of the shoe closet.  It's great for a quick easy clean without having to get out the big guns.

6.  I have a shark vacuum.  I used to use it inside (before I discovered the Swiffer vac) and now I use it to vacuum the rugs in the garage.

7.  I also have a Bissel steam cleaner/vacuum.  That thing does the lowest of low-- it's my pee, poop and puke machine.  It's all gone down here in the worst places and I use this little beauty to steam and suck up all the germs I can.  I love it.  When flu season hits, I've got it cocked and ready to go.

There-- the humiliation of it all.  Having to hash through my dirty laundry for you guys.  Geesh!  I hope you enjoyed that.  If you have any questions ask away.  You know I love to talk about cleaning supplies.  I warned you-- I'm a nut case.  But I know you secretly love it.

Vacuums Suck!

Hee hee hee-- I had to make at least one vacuum joke OK?

Morning Drama-rama

The other morning, as I was getting the kids ready for church, everyone decided to freak out at the same time.  I try to tell them that there is only one of me and four of them but I'm pretty sure they don't care.  My girls have reached the age where they feel the need to change their outfits 200 times and stand in their closet doorways loudly sighing that they have nothing to wear.  That takes me from on time to barely making it out the door with seconds to spare.  In fact two weeks in a row I was so busy putting out their fires that I forgot to comb my own hair after I had blow dried it and went to church looking a little off kilter.

My boys have also kicked it up a notch.  They are obsessed with playing ball in the house.  (I have the broken stuff to prove it.)  They also enjoy playing the computer (a little too much).  The only problem there is that only one boy can play at a time.  The other boy is left sitting uncomfortably close to the other one yelling commands at the screen.  Ugh!

So last week while I'm dealing with the girlies, Rugby decides that having the computer is so important he is going to threaten his little brother with bodily harm.  I hear, "Moooooom, Rugby is trying to light my hair on fire!"  (Yeah, I'm not kidding.)  I come running downstairs yelling threats the entire way.  There is my precious boy with a lighter and a safety pin out and ready.  He was going to poke his brother and then set him on fire.  He is now banned from lighters, safety pins, and all sharp objects. 

I have always been under the impression that the older my kids got, the easier my life would be.  Not so.  I have now gone from wiping butts to putting out fires (literally in some cases).

I'm just starting to realize that my life will be full of action until the day I die. 

The good news for you is, you can read about it for years to come.  If nothing else, my life supplies me with endless material for this blog.  I'm not sure if that is a good thing-- but it's true none the less.

Later this week I'll share with you some of my favorite secrets to getting the family out the door on time.  See you then...

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Pretty Pretty Vacuums

My name is Leca and I am a vacuum addict.

I currently have 7 vacuums.

They all have a purpose and they all make me very happy. 

I have thought about cutting down my numbers-- but they each have a specific job and I'm too attached to let any of them go.

I love vacuums-- don't judge.

What is your secret addiction?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Girls

I've been thinking about being a Mom and all the things that it entails.  You can read about some of my thoughts HERE

Then I thought about all the people that have helped make me the mom that I am today.  So here's your shout out guys!  I come from a family of four girls-- no boys.  So I've got me some sisters and a fabulous Mom.  Here's what they taught me about being a mom...

...that having your name in crayon is better than having your name in lights.

...that you need a good girls night every now and then.
...that being yourself is better than being perfect.
...that a good dessert can dry your tears.

...that being a good mom means getting dirty and playing along.

...that being in public wearing your swimsuit is worth the humiliation.
...that sometimes you have to choose your battles.
...that having emergency underwear is a toddler necessity.
...that no matter how tired you are-- being a mom is worth it.

So to you four lovely ladies I'm saying thank you...

Thank you for being my on call babysitters.
Thank you for being my crisis hot line.
Thank you for cutting the size tags out of my after baby pants you bought me.
Thank you for believing in me.
Thank you for sharing your lives and your children with me.
Thank you for always being on my team no matter how crazy it is.

I love you guys!  I couldn't make it without you.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mr. Clean

I found another product that blew me out of the water.  I was in Target the other day on a mission to find a new tub cleaner that would really work.  They stopped selling my beloved Scrubbing Bubble Bath Pads (sniff sniff) and then I saw it......  Mr. Clean Magic Scrubber for Tubs.


I have never really gotten on board with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser so I was very reluctant to try it in a tub cleaner but frankly, my choices were slim.

I took it into the kids bathroom this morning and tried it out.  I went through the tub from top to bottom greeting each one of the stains that I have never really gotten out.

"Hello red barn paint from 2006."
"There you are toe nail polish of 2008."
"Who can forget about bath toy marker of 2005?"

Then something very strange happened-- they began to disappear.

The barn paint smeared right off with a wave of the magic tub eraser.  Do you know how many chemicals I've tried on that wretched stain?

It can't be!!!!

I decided that it was too good to be true.  So I took it upstairs to my shower to see how it would measure up to some serious soap scum.  The mister enjoys bar soap and we all know what that can do to the shower walls.  YUCK!

It whizzed through the soap without even flinching.  My shower was gleaming!  Gleaming I tell you!

Now, a word of caution, I have one piece showers and tubs.  That means that I do not have any tile in my bathrooms so I can't tell you if it would be good for that or not.  But I'm betting it would hold its own.

You must try this!  It really is magic!

Want a COUPON?  Click HERE.

If you need to know more just click HERE and Mr. Clean will be at your service.


The response I got from this giveaway was so awesome!  I was giddy every time I got a new comment.  I know in my heart it was about loving me and not my free stuff-- right guys? 

I had lots of devilish thoughts of picking special winners and favoring my very best commenters... but I decided to be extra good and use so I don't get into too much trouble. picked three very special winners today....

#6  Sarah Scott who will be getting the headband from Loopdelou.  (I don't have a way of contacting you so please email me.)

#44  Anne who will be receiving the Swiffer Vac.

#49  Doubly Blessed who will be munching her heart out with some yummy cookies.

If you really really wanted some headbands, Loopdelou has just posted a ton of new stuff.  Click HERE to hook yourself up with something cute.

Thanks Guys!  You really made my week.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Release the Hounds!

I have a secret.

After all of the kids are quietly tucked in for the night, I like to snuggle up in my jammies and release all the pressure from the day-- literally.

Every night I have the same odd thought.  When I go to unhook my bra it feels as though I'm unleashing the hounds.  I have to make sure the kids are in bed because someone might lose an eye.  Geez, my bra is like a giant damn and when it's unhooked-- all hell breaks loose.

Is it just me?

It seems as though the older I get the more unruly the girls have gotten.  There is no hiding the fact that I'm not wearing a bra.  It's jiggle fest 2010. 

They make all of these cutie jammies that are supposed to make you feel sexy-- uh, yeah right.  They look flat and saggy no matter how you slice it unless they are properly caged up in my old lady bra.

Nothing makes me feel sexier than putting on my Olga bras in the morning.  (You know, they could have named it something that feels a little less Viking and a little more feminine.)  Either way, they hoist me up and keep me perky, so I can't complain.

Sometimes when I'm shopping I see a lady with boobs to her waist flopping all over tarnation and I always want to take her aside and pass along all of my proper bra knowledge (that I have acquired from Oprah).  Or how about the lady who is stuffed in so tight she has the rare and exotic quad boobs.  You know when your bra is too tight and you have muffin boobs.  It doesn't have to be this way ladies-- suck it up and buy the right size already!!  There is no shame in a "D."  I like to think it stands for Dainty, Daring, Delightful, Deluxe or Dynamic

I like my girls sitting at attention with everything moving in the right direction.

How about you?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Mother Days

When I think about Mother's Day I think about all the things I've been through as a mother of four.  There are things that happen that you never ever thought you'd do or think or say.  I'll share with you some of the messier moments I've experienced as a mother.  (We all have these war stories.  They are like our proud badges on the sashes of our motherhood.)

The first one that springs to mind involves a really lot of poop and a little boy who was potty training. 

I was outside with all of the kids and my sister just enjoying a lovely summer day.  I noticed that one of my boys was missing.  I went in the house to make sure he was OK and the smell of poo slapped me in the face as I opened the door.  Poop air was wafting through my recently cleaned house.  I ran upstairs to find my three year old sitting in his own stink surrounded by a freshly finger painted bathroom.  He had done his poos but hadn't made it all the way to the toilet.  He had attempted to get it off of himself and his pants so I wouldn't know.  He used his hands to wipe himself.  He wiped his poo on the toilet, the tub, the floor, the rug, the door and then left a thick fresh skid path to the laundry basket.  I didn't have the words to express myself in that moment.  But I will tell you this, it's a miracle that boy is still alive. 

When my oldest was a few months old I was sitting in a traffic jam on my way home from the mall.  It was nap time so she was crabbing in the back seat and I was trying all of the cooing and singing that every first time mom does.  The next thing I know the traffic starts to move and Breckyn lets out the hugest projectile vomit I have ever witnessed.  Then she starts choking on her own vomit.  I swerve the car over and get it out of her throat.  I was a few miles from home, I didn't have another car seat and she was screaming.  She was swimming in her own vomit and I couldn't do anything about it.  Thirty seconds later she fell asleep still sitting in her nasties.  I finally got home and unbuckled the whole car seat with her still strapped in and took her straight to the tub.  That was a mess I still think about cleaning up-- eeewwww!

There are things you do as a mother that you are not aware you were capable of handling.  It's like you are blessed with bodily fluid super powers or something.  I swear, if it was not my child I could not have handled it.  But I saw their sweet little faces depending on me to make it all better and I just melted.

There are those sweet moments that make the messier moments bearable.  I wouldn't trade those for all the gold in the world. 

The first time my babies said Momma.
When my kids tell me they love me without being prompted.
When they give you an extra squeezy hug for no reason at all.
When the say something that reminds you of yourself.
When they make a good choice for the right reasons.
When you get to see them perform and they wave to you from the stage like you are the only one there.
When they get in the car and start their sentences with, "Mom!  Guess what?"
When they linger just a little longer with that lovey look in their eyes as you drop them off to school.
The look on their face when they finally learn how to do something you've been teaching them.
Watching them sleep peacefully because they have faith that you are there to protect them from anything.

Being a mother isn't easy.  In fact, it's down right messy. 

But being a kid isn't easy either. 

Aren't you glad you're in it together?
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