Friday, May 7, 2010

Mr. Clean

I found another product that blew me out of the water.  I was in Target the other day on a mission to find a new tub cleaner that would really work.  They stopped selling my beloved Scrubbing Bubble Bath Pads (sniff sniff) and then I saw it......  Mr. Clean Magic Scrubber for Tubs.


I have never really gotten on board with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser so I was very reluctant to try it in a tub cleaner but frankly, my choices were slim.

I took it into the kids bathroom this morning and tried it out.  I went through the tub from top to bottom greeting each one of the stains that I have never really gotten out.

"Hello red barn paint from 2006."
"There you are toe nail polish of 2008."
"Who can forget about bath toy marker of 2005?"

Then something very strange happened-- they began to disappear.

The barn paint smeared right off with a wave of the magic tub eraser.  Do you know how many chemicals I've tried on that wretched stain?

It can't be!!!!

I decided that it was too good to be true.  So I took it upstairs to my shower to see how it would measure up to some serious soap scum.  The mister enjoys bar soap and we all know what that can do to the shower walls.  YUCK!

It whizzed through the soap without even flinching.  My shower was gleaming!  Gleaming I tell you!

Now, a word of caution, I have one piece showers and tubs.  That means that I do not have any tile in my bathrooms so I can't tell you if it would be good for that or not.  But I'm betting it would hold its own.

You must try this!  It really is magic!

Want a COUPON?  Click HERE.

If you need to know more just click HERE and Mr. Clean will be at your service.


sara said...

A neighbor told me about using Mr. Clean Magic Erasers on bathtubs and you are right--incredible! When I moved in with my husband, I was so grossed out by the tub/shower that I refused to take a bath in it for the longest time and NOTHING would get the brownish hue off... Then came that fantastic day I whipped out the white sponge of goodness and the gross brown ick came right off. I felt free to bathe as I'd always dreamed I could. Hooray for Mr. Clean!!!

Karen said...

I LOVE the magic eraser. I always use a regular one on my tub along with tub cleaner. I'll have to give this tub one a try.

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

I sure need that. When we moved into our house there was nasty foundation makeup caked onto the inside of the drawers and I haven't been able to get it off. Now I know what to do! Thanks!

Cassie said...

I am SO going to Target tomorrow to get this! I HATE the soap scum from the bar soap. You always know all the great tricks! Love you!
P.S. The microwave and baking soda did the trick! Thanks!

The Snow Queen said...

Ohhh I love new bathroom products. Thanks

Renee said...

I used it, the tough jobs one, and while it worked.. it sort of disintegrated while I was scrubbing with it... so.. how long are they supposed to last?

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