Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I have parking issues

I never really realized how petty I was about parking until I got married.

When we go to the store and the mister is driving, he pulls into the lot and takes the first spot.  The first spot!  It doesn't matter to him if we have to walk two miles to get to the store-- he just parks.

It drives me insane!!!

When I approach a store parking lot I look for two things; First, where is the door to the store located and second, where is the nearest cart corral (if applicable).

I have been known to circle the isles looking for the perfect spot and not stopping until I am completely satisfied.  Don't judge me-- it's worth the circling time.

This drives the mister insane!!

He'll tell me, "Just park already-- Geez!"

I have a few reasons for my parking O.C.D.  My main problem is that it was genetically programed into me by my mother.  I know this for a fact because she and my sisters suffer from the same parking disease.  (My Dad sides with the mister on this one of course.) 

When I was younger and I would go shopping with my mom she would have a certain area that she parked in every time we went to the store.  When we go to the Southridge Mall she always parks by the far end of Boston Store-- ALWAYS.  I physically cannot go to that mall without parking in that same area.  It applies to so many of our regular spots--  I even veer to her parking areas at Target for crying out loud. 

When I got older and factored in the kids, I never wanted to walk too far with a baby carrier or an independent waddling toddler.  I wanted to be close to the cart corral so I wouldn't have to leave my kids in the car alone. 

Now I have the habit ingrained in me.  I just can't stop!  It's a disease I tell you!

If there happens to be a chance when I get the very first spot-- OH MOMMA!  I'm in parking nirvana!  I almost want someone to come pick me up so I can keep the first spot forever. 

Clearly, I have parking issues.


Margene said...

Maybe the Mister got his habit from his mom too. I like to enter the parking lot and park where no one else is parking. I park far out and walk. Walking is good for you and I get some extra exerise in.. Where my husband likes to to drive me to the front door and yell get out and I will park the car, this drives me insane.

The Snow Queen said...

I like my mother am a wherever parker. It takes the same amount of time to walk to the entrance from far away as it does to circle the lot to find a suitable spot. However this bothers my hubby. He thinks I should park in the front no matter the cost - running down people, snaking old ladies whatever! He is a rather rude parker.

d.n.williamson said...

No matter what mall I go to, I ALWAYS park by the food court. Habit. I too try to park next to a cart coral.

Estee said...

I don't mind the walking, but I'll always search for a parking place with shade.

Christina said...

I'm with you Aleca. I have to park within 3 spaces of a cart corral when I have Logan with me, and it's usually the same corral that I try to park next to each and every time.

Cheri said...

You know I have the same disease. The hubby doesn't get it. He wants to prevent dents and parks as far away from other cars as possible. So wrong!

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