Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Treasure Hunting

I've found a few treasures in blog land that I know you will love.

First, I'd like to apologize for telling you that the Swiffer Vac was only $25.  It turns out that it was $28 and then they decided to up it $10.  It actually retails at Target for $38.  I was shocked because I bought mine for $28 not that long ago.  Whoopsie.  So here is a link for a COUPON if you'd like to go buy one.  They also have it on Amazon for $35 plus free shipping, just click HERE.

If you are looking for something amazing to cook for dinner tonight check out The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  She has a unique delicious twist on pasta.  I made it for dinner and oh baby, it was gooo-oood.  She provides a full tutorial and printable recipe HERE.

I have been thinking about THIS POST for weeks.  It's called the TURD TONGS.  (yeah, you want to read it now-- huh?)  I stumbled on this blog a few weeks ago and I have to say that this is the funniest post I have ever read.  I must warn you-- there is a bit of language, but it's priceless!  She makes me feel like I'm not alone in the messy adventure we call motherhood.  Her blog is called Tampons and Chocolate.  It's so sassy and fun-- you'll love it.

If you live under a rock and haven't heard of the hottest new craft blog-- here's your chance.  It's called I am Momma Hear me Roar.  Cheri makes everyday things extraordinary with a little imagination.  One of my favorites is her bleach pen t-shirts.  Check her out-- you won't be sorry.

If you've never seen the Flight of the Conchords doing business time-- you'll LOVE this.  This speaks volumes for all of you married couples out there.  It hits a little close to home.  Hilarious!

For all you coupon lovers out there, I found a great site with instant coupons.  It's called just click HERE.  You have to download a printer friendly version but after that it's super simple.  They have a good variety of coupons for everyone.  I printed off a few last night and I'm itchin' to spend 'um. 

Have you found anything good lately?  Tell me about it; I love a good fine.


Anonymous said...

Found you from

I'm a follower now! I love coupons too. Thanks for the great post. Off to check out your links :)

Cheri said...

Thanks for the shout out! That pasta looks so good! Love the Concords. Great links! Thanks!

April said...

I know three out of four of these and love them. Will have to check out tampons and chocolate. I get to through Love that site.

Brenda said...

That "Business Time" video was HILARIOUS!!!!

kristen said...

I love the pioneer woman cooks. She has some really awesome recipes that you can simplify if not up to following all of the steps.

The Snow Queen said...

I knew I loved you. It's because we love the same things.... and some of the same people!

pioneer woman cooks rocks! She's hilarious.

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