Thursday, July 29, 2010

Is it over yet?

Many of you are experiencing the magic of summer with all of your children gathered around you ALL DAY LONG!!!!

I have tried to remain positive about this experience.  Every summer I look forward to spending a little extra time with my kids.  I have visions of creating life long memories that they will treasure forever.  By the end of July all hopes of happiness and bliss have been dashed. 

I've hit the wall.

Two days ago I woke up very early in hopes of taking the kids on an adventure they would be really excited about.  I got them all dressed and told them to get their bike helmets on-- we were going for a ride.  That's when the trouble started.

Zoey claimed that making her go for a bike ride was pure torture.  It makes her too hot and tired.
Breckyn threw a fit over which bike she wanted to ride.
Rugby started a fight about who would be the line leader.
Emerson started a fight about who would be the line ender.

I was starting to realize that my plan was slowly sinking into a dark abyss.

Once all the fights were settled and everyone was saddled up-- we headed towards adventure.

Adventure happened to be the bakery about a mile away.  Because frankly, you can't have too much exercise without proper nourishment. 

Once the donuts and milk were consumed we took to the road again.  About two miles later Em claimed that he couldn't go any further or he was going to barf.  Zoey said she was too tired.

Adventure over.

The Mister saved the two tortured souls with his truck and all fun was officially over.  I'm beginning to think that I am making life long memories for the kids.  Just maybe not the kind I was thinking of.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Lawn Doesn't Mow itself

When I was little my parents would get us outside to take care of the lawn each week.  I cannot tell you how much I would grumble and complain.  I would whine that it wasn't fair that my mom got to ride the lawn mower and we kids had to trim.  I would wonder what was the big deal about trimming the bushes and pulling the weeds. 

"Who cares about the stupid lawn anyway?" 

"When I get older I'm never going to make my kids do this!"

Fast forward a 20 years and here I am...

I'm now dragging my kids outside for the weekly trimming and pulling of weeds.  Something funny happens when you grow up.  You finally understand your parents.  When you own your first home suddenly every single weed becomes an offense that needs to be plucked out.  I want to keep this house looking new for as long as I can.  I'm so proud of it because it's all mine.

So this week my kids sounded a little like a younger version of myself.

"Awww, we have to pull weeds again!"
"What's the big deal about weeds anyway?"
"It's so hot-- I need to go get a drink of water."
"I have to go potty."

(The Mister and I never enjoy silence and peace quite like we do when everyone is suppose to be working.  They all manage to slip away and quietly hide so they won't draw any attention to themselves.)

"Are we almost done?"

...and so the generational torture continues on.  In a few years they will be the parents assigning the chores.  Ah, life-- what goes around comes around.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A few great tips from me...

We took the kids to go see Despicable Me yesterday.  I laughed so hard I nearly peed.  It was that good.  Here is a sneak peek at the trailer.

I just love Steve Carell and it has some great one liners in his typical style.  You'll love taking your kids to see this one.

I found a few really awesome travel tips in this month's issue of Real Simple.  This fun website has great last minute deals.  It also allows you to compare several different companies like Expedia, Orbitz and more at the same time so you don't have to fish around the Internet to find a good price.  I love the idea of spontaneous travel and this site helps you find something great in an instant.  It also gives you great tips about when to buy and how to get the best deal. is also a super fun site for those who want a smokin' deal with a little advanced notice.  It's cruises that aren't totally booked that start reducing their prices up to 3 months in advance.  I'm drooling over this site.  I've been itching to go on a cruise for a while and maybe now I'll get my chance.

I've also been spending a lot of time over at The Pioneer Woman.  I've been in a cooking mood the last few days and oh does she have some good recipes.  I made her bacon wrapped jalapeno thingies,

her amazing chocolate cake,

her sloppy joes

and her baked lemon pasta

is on my list for tonight.  I have to tell you-- she is amazing.  I'm loving her stuff.  She has a knack for good eats.  I've been looking at her favorite's list and slowly working through it.  Oh, you are going to love it.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Dad Life

This is a hilarious video.  This goes out to all the awesome Dad's out there. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mail Call

Yesterday I was making lunch and I looked out our front window to find this.  I yelled outside, "what are you guys doing?"  They had set up camp and were waiting for the mail.  At one point all four of them were out there waiting for our mail lady to come.

Apparently I've passed on my freak love for the mail.  It has become the highlight of every day for them this summer.  They attack me (when I can get it) to see if anyone mailed them anything.

You gotta love the mail.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

From the Brain of Em

Emerson is my littlest guy.  He has a very good sense of humor and great comedic timing.  Lately he has been killing me with his view on life.  Here are just a few of his thoughts.

Em:  Mom, why do they call it Pirates of the Carrot Beans?  (Pirates of the Caribbean)  Is it because there are a bunch of carrots and beans fighting like pirates?

I've tried to explain it to him but he always hears it as Carrot Beans so I've given up trying.  Perhaps one too many Veggie Tales movies for that guy.

Me:  So Em, what did you learn at church today?

Em:  I don't remember but I'm sure it was something really good.
Em:  Just so you know, there is no way I'm eating that for dinner.

Me:  But you like spaghetti.

Em:  Not anymore.  I'm done with that.
Em:  Can yogurt count as my fruit?

Me:  No.  You need to eat a real piece of fruit.

Em:  But look, there is smashed up fruit in here-- that counts!

Me:  Trix yogurt does NOT count as fruit.

Em:  Awwww, come on Mom!

I thought you might enjoy a first had interview with the little man himself.

Me:  So Em, how do you like being featured in Mom's blog?

Em:  Ummm.... silly?
Me:  Do you think your mom is funny?

Em:  Yes.

Me:   Why?

Em:  Because she is asking me funny questions.

Me:  Do you think you are funny?

Em:  Yes.

Me:  Why?

Em:  Because I always toot in every body's faces.

And there it is.  It always comes back to gas for this guy.  Nice.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Lazy Summer Fun

We have been enjoying a wonderfully relaxing summer lounging by the pool. 

The kids are baked golden brown and I have a gorgeous farmer tan. 

You can never pass up a sunny day without going outside to enjoy the weather.  It's the rules.  So that's where you can find me most days.  I'm outside watching the kids swim and reading a book by the pool.

In fact I'm enjoying the lazy summer attitude so much my kids are beginning to question me.

Emerson:  Mom.  When are you going to make dinner?  I think you'd better start making it because it's getting late and I'm hungry.  (Time-- 4:50 in the afternoon)

Me:  It's summer time so we're not on a schedule.  I'll get to it soon.

Zoey:  Mom, I'm tired and it's time for you to put me to bed.

Me:  Ummm... OK.  (Let me assure you it was only about 10 minutes past her bed time but she ripens for bed quicker than a week old banana.)

Breckyn:  Mom.  I think we need to plan some activities and leave the house.

Me:  Don't you want to just swim and enjoy the outdoors?  (It's free and I don't have to pack the car.)

Apparently I have failed to teach them the art of lounging around.  I'm working on it but these guys are a hard sell.  Anyone want four very timely organized children to keep you on schedule?  They are better than any alarm clock I tell ya.

...and if you need me, I'll be lounging by the pool.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Super Thank you to Julaine from Lia Sophia for hooking us up with some fun jewelry this week.  Without further adu I'd like to introduce you to our winner...

#35  Mrs. Ohtobe  who wanted the midnight clover bracelet.  (Please email me)


Now, if you didn't win Julaine has a little something for you anyway.  She will give $10 off anyone who places an order of $75 or more....but she has a great special this month: Buy 1 item at regular price and you can get 2 more items at 50% off (your most expensive items will always be your 1/2 price item.) Normally customers have to buy 2 regular priced items to get only 1 at half price so they will save a ton with the monthly special and the $10 off!

Remember, Lia Sophia jewelry comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. So, if you love it, hate, it breaks/tarnishes etc, you can send it back at anytime as long as you have the receipt!! It's an awesome guarantee.

If you'd like to order from Julaine please email her at saying you got the info from Leca Unplugged.

For all those who wanted that piece of jewelry you picked out, you still have a chance to get it for FREE.  Just host a show with Julaine and she will bring your special item to your house the day/night of your party!! Just click HERE.  What, you don't live in Wisconsin? That's okay just email Julaine and she still might come to you, or a catalog show might work too.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


There are very few things that actually enrage me.

Bugs are at the top of that very short list.  ...and getting hit in the face but we will discuss that another time.

I love everything about the summer time EXCEPT bugs.  They drive me insane.

I have had some very disturbing experiences with bugs so I try to limit my contact with them.

Many years ago I was traveling abroad and I was forced to stay at a place that was infested with ants.  I mean, the floor was moving, kind of infestation.  I spent the night trying to stay away from them.  Finally in the wee hours of the morning I slipped into the bathroom to take a shower and when I was finished I grabbed my pile of clean clothes.  As I was slipping my undies on I noticed several ants were crawling on them-- AHHHH!  Me and ants are no longer on speaking terms.  I see them and I spray without asking questions.

I also have a great fear of spiders.  (I can't even bring myself to put a real picture of one here-- too gross.)  The Mister is always in charge of bug killing.  One day, after he left for work, I saw a huge (I mean like 50 cent piece big) spider with the hairy chunky legs and I lost it.  After letting out my inner girl, I went back into the room and threw a bowl over it.  It was nasty.  I shut the door and left it there for the rest of the day until the Mister came home from work several hours later.  It was quite traumatic I assure you.

Finally, my latest foe is the mosquito.  Our family has been invited several places lately for outside parties.  We always bring our bug spray but the mosquitos are still unbelievable.  It makes me instantly angry.  There is nothing worse than a bug that bothers you and then keeps you itching for days to come.  The insanity of it all!  So I've sent the Mister out to our yard to spray for them several times.  I'm going to nail those suckers once and for all.  It's war!

Who's with me?

Monday, July 12, 2010

There is nothing better...

There is nothing better than a puppy.

There is nothing better than a baby.

There is nothing better than really good peanut butter.

There is nothing better than an ice cream sandwich.  (but it has to be Blue Bunny)

There is nothing better than girl scout cookies you can buy year round.

There is nothing better than cold juicy watermelon.

There is nothing better than summer.

Go and enjoy.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lia Sophia Giveaway

**Giveaway Closed**
Hello Friend,

Today I thought I'd do a little something for you.  You work so hard and you do so much.  You need a sparkly reward.  (or perhaps a nice surprise gift for your wife-- oh, she would love that)

My friend Julaine, from Lia Sophia, is sponsoring a wonderful giveaway just for you

You get to pick a piece of jewelry from the current Spring/Summer catalog up to $100 value and she will send it to one lucky winner for free.  Yes, for FREE!  I told you that you deserved something nice.  Go ahead and click HERE to pick out your new bling.

Just leave a comment telling us which piece you would like.

As always, you can leave an extra comment if you follow me.

I'm thinking about a I've-birthed-four-kids-and-it's-been-12-years ring.  Just a thought-- hint hint to any Mister who might be reading this post.

So just click away and tell us what you'd like.  This is going to be fun!

**Giveaway Closed** 

Hot Hot Hot

Yesterday was a great day.

I got so much stuff done.  We cleaned the house, mowed the lawn and went for a family bike ride.  It felt so good.  When we were all finished I was so sweaty and dirty.  All I wanted to do was hit the showers.

I headed upstairs and peeled off my ripe clothes.  I turned on the water and waited.... and waited.... and waited. 

Nothing happenedNo hot water.

I yelled down to the Mister and he went to work trying to figure out what was wrong.

I absolutely HATE being dirty and going to bed nasty was not happening for me.  I couldn't put on my nasty clothes again-- eeww.  I didn't want to get new clothes dirty making more work for myself.

That meant that I sat on our couch in a towel reading a book for several hours debating my options.

I could heat up water on the stove...
I could call my sister and go to her house...
I could try to brave a really really cold shower....
I could wash one part of my body at a time giving me time to warm up between parts....

None of it was sounding too appealing.

I love hot water.  I really really do.  It is my friend everyday. 

Three hours, a little finger pointing, some pouting and several internet inquires later... we finally had hot water.

I am officially addicted to hot water.  I will never take my shower for granted again.  I LOVE hot water.  It's that simple.

So a big thank you to the Mister for spending his time crouched over the hot water heater instead of enjoying some down time last night.  I really love that guy.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

She is finally here!

Today was my big day!

Look-- can you see how excited I am?

I was with the kids and the Mister at Wal-Mart and Em had to go potty.  I finally got something good out of an emergency potty run.  On the way to the potty the Mister noticed that Wal-Mart had a sign saying they had iPhones in stock.  He confirmed it with the lady at the counter and TA-DAH!  I have my pretty pretty new phone.  (Em almost peed his pants but it was so worth it!)

So tonight I am sitting here typing with Stella (thank you Annie for the suggestion) keeping me company.  I have to admit, I haven't even taken the plastic protection off of her yet.  I want to savor this moment for as long as I can.

I think we are going to be friends for a very long time. (or at least until the next generation)

The bad news is, you are going to have to listen to my iPhone infatuation for a while because-- I'm in love.

If any of you apple junkies have any app suggestions, I'm all ears.

Oh, this is just so exciting!!!  I finally have her and she is all mineYeehoo!  Today was a good day.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

GIANT Marshmallows

So a few days ago I stumbled across some really big marshmallows at the store.  They were Campfire brand GIANT marshmallows.  One GIANT is about the size of 4 regular marshmallows.

It was awesome!  I had to buy them and let the kids take them for a test drive around the fire pit.

They were pretty big and the kids had a hard time fitting them in their mouths-- but there was no complaining.  I'll tell you that much.

The only down side was, by the time you get that puppy down you don't really have room for another s'more.

So the next time you head out to the campfire, pick up a bag of these for some serious fun.  Oh, and you might want to pick up some napkins too.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pay it Forward

I have been extremely blessed to have four very healthy children.  I have thought a lot about how different my life would be if any of them had been born with illnesses.  My heart goes out to parents that struggle through crippling diseases in their children's lives.

So today I'm joining Jen, from Dangerously Domestic, to help out children who are struggling with a very demanding disease called JM or Juvenile Myositis.  It affects about 17,000 children and adults nation wide with about 1,000 new cases every year.  It is a very rare autoimmune disease that is extremely debilitating.  To learn more about this disease just click HERE.

There will be a fundraiser in Hillsboro, OR on September 11, 2010 with a concert, dinner and an auction.  That's where you come in.  I love any opportunity to serve others that I can get.  I know a lot of you feel the same way but you're not sure where to start.  Well, this is your chance.

Jen has started collecting items to be auctioned off at the JM event.  We are calling out to all of you crafters out there who would like to donate your time and talents to a good cause.  The deadline for donations is August 31, 2010. 

I was really excited to hear about this event because sometimes I get lost in my own world and my own problems.  It is humbling to know that there are so many people struggling out there.  I have been so blessed so this is my opportunity to pay it forward.  If I spend just a little bit of my time-- I can help ease some of their burden.  If we all band together it can have an amazing impact on helping to find a cure.

I hope you will take some time and think about ways you or your children can get involved in something beyond yourselves and give a little something back.

For more information about the fundraiser click HERE.  If you are interested in donating something just email me and I will send you the address. 

Monday, July 5, 2010

Toilet Paper-- it matters!

I love some good toilet paper.

I know, I'm a total TP snob.

We recently spent a little time in a hotel and I'm telling you, the toilet paper was killing me.  I had to use half a roll just to get enough to do anything with.

I know you know what I'm talking about if you have ever used a public bathroom.

You go to do your business only to find that they have given you a piece of see through tissue paper to wipe your bum with.  Seriously.  I wouldn't even know they could make paper that thin if it wasn't for my frequent public toilet use.  (another casualty of having children)

So are they saving money by making it that thin or are they actually spending more because people need to use a ton just to get the job done?

I know, it's a lot to wrap your brain around.

Let me say that I'd rather pay a little more at the hotel, gas station or store to make up the difference it would cost for the good stuff.

You will never catch me with the cheap stuff.  You come to my house and you'll be using the thick fluffy pillows of happiness in my bathrooms.

Toilet paper.  It makes a difference.  Really.  It does.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


I have been having a few problems that I know you can help me with.  Please?  Wheew, I knew you'd be up for a challenge.  OK, here goes...

Problem #1

I accidentally responded to a fake email a few weeks ago about testing a new iPad.  Yes, I realized that it was super stupid-- but not before I gave them my email address.  I feel extremely lame and I've been paying for it every day since.  I've been getting 40 plus span emails a day!  I don't want to totally shut down my email just in case one of you guys tries to email me-- but please.  My delete button needs a vacation.  I'm going NUTS-O!  How do I make it stop?

Problem #2

I have been craving sloppy joes lately.  Don't judge.  They are good.  The mix that I had been using and really really loved is no longer being made.  I hate Manwich.  I need a super good secret recipe-- like win-me-a-prize-at-the-fair kind of good.  Anyone got something super awesome without onions?

That's it.  Feel free to solve all of my problems.  I'd really like it.

Matching Morons

We took the kids to Six Flags this week.  The Mister had it in his head that he wanted us to match so we could stay together as a group easier.  We had these bike safety t-shirts from a local event and the Mister thought they would be perfect for a day of family fun.

I announced the idea to the kids and the response was very mixed.

The boys and Z could care less.

Breckyn was a harder sell.

Breckyn:  There is NO WAY I'm wearing that shirt to Six Flags!  It's the ugliest shirt I have ever seen and I'm going to match everyone.  That is so stupid!

Me:  Come on it won't be that bad.  We'll be able to find each other really easily and it really means a lot to your Dad.

Breckyn:  No way Mom!  I'm not doing it!

Me:  Come on I'll show you how to tie a knot in your shirt and we can decorate it to be a little more girlie if you want.

She could not be persuaded so I had to take the opposite approach and make her wear it.  I'm not really sure why the Mister was so set on it-- but it was happening whether B wanted it to or not.

Before we left I forgot to pack the sunscreen so I had the Mister pull off at Wal-Mart to grab some.  Everyone wanted to come in to try and snag a last minute treat so we all headed into the store.  I had forgotten that we were all matching until I saw the looks on peoples faces as we strolled through the isles. 

I was humiliated!  Not only do we match but we are wearing NEON ORANGE.  No one can pull off that color casually.  We hurry to the check out and the checker takes one look at us and says, "So what's with the shirts?" 

I lean into Tim and say, "I'm officially with Breckyn on this one."  Breckyn catches wind of my sudden turn in alliance and says, "It's not too late to buy some new shirts here Mom--- PLEASE!" 

We got to the park and sure enough, it was pretty easy to find each other.  In fact, we could find each other from space we were so bright.  I knew it was bad when we started getting comments from other people in line about the brightness of our shirts.

We made it through the rest of our humiliation day without losing anyone (believe it or not).  The Mister washed up our shirts really quickly when we got home and is now using them as a threat to Breckyn every chance he can get.

Anyone else ever tried to do the matching thing before?
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