Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Sneaky Poo

I have some little friends. 

They forget to flush the toilet quite often.

I go to use the bathroom and there it is-- the sneaky poo.

My children love to use the bathroom and leave me presents all the time.

Sometimes there's toilet paper and sometimes there isn't.  It depends on their mood.

I feel like I trained them right.  Whenever they come out of the bathroom I yell, "Did you flush?"  They quickly reply yes no matter what they really did.  Then I pester them to go wash their hands-- with soap!  I add.  I have even gone so far as to smell their hands if I suspect a lie.

...and yet, I still get greeted daily by at least one forgotten poo.

I have threatened death to all "forgetful flushers."  I've tried taxing each kid for left over poo.  I've tried shaming out the poo leaver.  It doesn't matter.  They sneak in and sneak out and I'm left staring at their nasty poo.

My fear is that someday I'll have company over and they will find a surprise when they use the bathroom.  That would be mortifying!

I always dreamed of having a clean bathroom with fluffy hand towels, sweet smelling soap and the antiseptic clean smell of an adult bathroom.  Instead I live with kids who never flush, never hang up the hand towel, squirt the soap every where and leave puddles in interesting places.

I think I'm going to tile the entire bathroom floor to ceiling and just use the pressure washer on it when the kids are done.

Problem Solved.

I wonder if the Mister will go for it?


I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

Maybe you could just think of it as the welcome poo. Now, isn't that sweet of them? I'm sure all your guests will feel welcome, too.

Kami said...

Oh my gosh, my kids do that all the time! I actually had guests over and I had gone into the bathroom and saw some little presents waiting at the bottom of the toilet. I quickly flushed it before anyone came in, it was so funny.
Hilarious posts and our kids are just so darn thoughtful, haha!

annie said...

I always smell the hands!

Julaine said...

Fortunately we are not at that stage with Addison but Jason's motto is "if it's yellow let it mellow", he knows to always fush the other, even still the yellow is just as gross!!

The Smith Family said...

When we potty trained my son he was an excellent flusher. 6 months later....he forgets the flushing part. His dad ain't so great either!!! Thanks for making me feel so normal!

Colette said...

I just laughed so hard... thanks for giving me a big smile. You described our house, right on the nose. Glad there is someone out there who understands!

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