Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stupid Dog!

I could kill my dog!

I have a little Yorkiechon (Yorkie and Bichon mix) he is all of 14 pounds but he has taken over our house.

Don't get me wrong I love this little guy.  He has helped me in so many ways.  But when it gets dark out he turns into a psycho!

I let him out and he runs circles around the yard.  He chases anything that moves.  He barks at everything that makes noise and he goes buck wild when he sees a bug.  I turn on the back light when I let him out which ends up being a beacon to all bugs within a 5 mile radius.

He goes out and does his nutty routine.  Then he comes to the door and scratches to get back in.  I get up to let him in and in the time that it takes me to get to the door a bug will distract him and he'll go running off to chase it.

Then the aggravation begins...  he scratches, I get up and as my fingers brush the handle of the door, he runs....  we repeat this about 12 times.

By the time he actually comes in the house I'm ready to KILL him! 

What should I do with my stinkin' dog?

Any ideas?


Brenda said...


d.n.williamson said...

We have a 3 year old dog and just got a puppy. Now, our 3 year old has found a new obsession; his reflection. I don't know if he is paranoid of us bringing in a third dog, but he sees himself in our TV, our windows, our front door, mirrors, and goes psycho. He's never done this before. So, I am sympathetic to a fellow psycho dog owner.

Anonymous said...

Turn off the light for about 30 seconds before opening the door! This is too cute! I love the quirkiness of our pets...they seem so human sometimes!

kristen said...

Our dog barks at the reflection of the TV in the window, he thinks there are people out back or something. I just shut the curtain at night now and it disappears. I wonder what things we do that they think, "stupid owner!"

Cassie said...

I don't have any ideas! But now Mom muttering under her breath..."You dumb dog" isn't so far off, huh!?!? Good luck! At least he's super cute

Margene said...

Jakie loves to go outside and just bark. Just love him like he is.

Mrs. Ohtobe said...

Our Bichon is pretty much the same way. I tried blinds...then roman blinds...nothing works and even took our mirror out of our bedroom and closed the curtains so he can't see his reflection. But I know if they bark they think are protecting I just view him as doing his job and when he doesn't listen to us I tell my husband that we just aren't speaking his language: French.

Nancy said...

He is half Bichon, what you are experiencing is the "Bichon Blitz".
My crazy bichon does it in the house every evening. He will run from room to room, scoot under the bed on one side and out the other. Watching him take the corners on hardwood floors is a scream. He has done this since a puppy and is now 6 years old.

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