Monday, April 26, 2010

The Theme Park Education

This past weekend we took the kids to an amusement park.  What better way to expose our children to the diversity that this world has to offer than at a theme park?

We live in a small town in Wisconsin and our kids live a fairly sheltered life.  They aren't exposed to all the colors of life very often.  In fact a few years ago we are out shopping and Breckyn yells, "Mom, I see Oprah!"  (Just because she's a black lady, doesn't make her Oprah honey.) 

Que theme park and gawking children...

Now keep in mind I live in Wisconsin and the weather is still a bit chilly which means that all crazy hair styles, boobs, tattoos and random piercings were covered up by coats and hats-- thank heavens.  I only had to answer half the questions I would have normally been asked if the tats were out.

I'm standing in line for a ride with Breckyn and she is staring so hard at a couple making out that I had to shake her back to reality and then the questions start.

"Mom, why are they doing that here?"

"Umm, good question.  Hey look, a bird!"

I go with the distraction method because I hate public groping and I'm pretty sure the snoggers can hear everything my kid is saying.

Then I find my mind wandering.

"Where are those kids' parents?"
"Who lets their kids go to make-out capital alone?"
"Is it really safe to make-out with braces?"
"Won't they get pretty cut up?"
"I never did kiss anyone when I had braces."
"OK, so I got them off in the seventh grade and I was in a bit of a dry spell-- but still."

I look down and now it's Breckyn that is looking at me and trying to get me to stop staring.

There is no education like kind you get at a theme park; so we got seasons passes!


annie said...

This is so true! Go to our local amusement park and all the weirdos are out and about! Making in public is just gross - and I think the same things you do!

juli said...

I am an avid people watcher! The only place better than the amusment park is the county fair!!!

Cheri said...

Nasty. I can picture it very clearly. Been there. Seen that. However, that post was absolutely hilarious. One of my favorite.

Tiffany said...

"Mom, I see Oprah!" is my favorite. Hilarious.

And, yes, what is it about amusement parks?

connie said...

Oh, silly me. I have always thought that is why we go to theme parks, to watch the people. But, what you say about them is so true. Education galore about how not to act and look.
Can't wait until ours opens.

kristen said...

Wait until you take them to the water park!!

Kiera said...

similar Oprah thing happened to me...but it was the American Idol winner Ruben Studdard....a very large black man was at WalMart and my daughter who was about 4 at the time started screaming, "it's Ruben...Ruuuubbbbbbbeeeeennn....RubenStuuuuuddaaaaarn!"...just love those kids!

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