Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Leca Approved Diet

I've come up with an experienced list of things that will help you solve all of your diet problems.

1.  If you eat a donut for breakfast you will avoid those "sweets" cravings after your meal.

2.  Nuts are supposed to fill you up with lots of healthy fats and keep you full through out the day.  Just make yourself a batch of trail mix (you know the kind with M&M's and raisins) to munch on all day long.  Problem solved-- you're nice and full.

3.  Always hang out with people that are fatter than you.  It's a feel good thing.

4.  If you drink a lot of water.  When you weigh yourself you don't have to worry because it's all water weight anyway.

5.  Take your sex starved husband with you when you try on bathing suits.  He'll love what he sees no matter what.

6.  Dark chocolate is healthy for you.  This means that its cousin milk chocolate is good by association.

7.  Wear stretchy jeans (they forgive a lot).

8.  The smaller the mirror, the less you'll have to see.

9.  Smile, it burns calories.

10.  Having a two year old counts as an extreme diet.  I dare you to try and sit still for more than 3 minutes.  Pretty extreme huh?


*Abby* said...

can I subscribe to this diet? sounds like one I might stick to!

margene said...

you missed one anything green has no calories. This includes green m&m's, mint and chip ice cream, and etc.

Cheri said...

I'm on #10 and since I have 2 that are 2 and under it's double. just gave me a craving for peanut M&Ms.

connie said...

Lots of good ideas. I will try them, all of them. Especially the trail mix. Thanks for all the good ideas. I have been looking for a good diet.

annie said...

So funny!

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