Monday, April 12, 2010

My Talents

I'm an Auntie again today for the 14th time.  Isn't she the cutest?

I found out today where my expertise is most appreciated; the maternity ward.

When people find out I have 4 kids they usually look down their noses at me.  "She has four kids!" they say.  It's almost as if I'm some exotic freak of nature.  Perhaps they think I'm a little trampy or maybe even a little slow.  Why would anyone have 4 kids?  "Are these all yours?"  (No, I just like taking around random groups of children from our neighborhood and they all happen to look just alike.)  DUH!

I'm here to tell you that on a maternity ward that inflection changes to, "she has four kids."  Like that is all anyone needs to know.  They say it as if I know everything there is to know about birthing, babies and kids.  I almost felt like a celebrity. 

"Let her through, she has four kids you know."  "Oh, four kids?  You sure know what you're doing then."

That's right, thank you very much.  I do know just what I'm doing.  I have four kids, no big. 

So, the next time I'm at the store warding off stares and glares from gawkers, I'm going to make a stop at the maternity ward on my way home.  Those people, they appreciate my talents.


Macey said...

I've had those glares at the store. I bet they're the same ones. Just think, Leca. You may be abnormal to people with your 4 kids but Jodi has entered the FREAK stage. People won't just glare, they will give her samples of birth control.

annie said...

That's why I stopped at 3 - I can't handle the glaring!

Misty said...

Thank you! I have been trying to figure out my talent, and now I know - thanks to you! I also have 4 kids. Next time I'm feeling a little "off", I'm heading to the nearest hospital in search of the maternity ward!

Cheri said...

When Cass and I do something together and I end up with all the kids if she walks off for a second I get verbal comments. "Wow! YOU'VE got your hands full!!!" The looks come, too. I think it's funny. I'm glad you were a celeb in the maternity ward. You ARE a mommy celeb, you know.

Estee said...

Funny, we are 7 children and where I grew up it's perfectly normal. Than I changed my life big time, and now if I say we're 7 I get stunned faces.

Now, I know I won't have more than 3 children, but most people here have 3-4 children. If someone have less than that they get glares.

What's with the glares people??? Can't people mind their own buisness?

Margene said...

Think about the stares I use to get when I was pg with Benny. I would take the neighbors three and our three and go to the beach. Benny would make number 7. In California you only have 2 or 3 babies unless you are a mormon. They have a few more. No name yet for the baby.

Nick Ashley Reagan Coen & Ike said...

Thanks for making me laugh, I'm having a terrible mommy day...

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