Friday, April 2, 2010

Mighty Mouse and the Marriage Ref

We have an extra fridge in our garage for all of our food over flow.  I love having it because it makes my life just a little less complicated. 

Last night I went out to get myself a water bottle and I noticed an over powering stench.  I made the mister come out and witness it too.  He said he thought it could be a dead animal of some kind lodged behind the fridge.


So today we cleaned out the garage and pulled out the fridge.  There was indeed a dead mouse not under but IN the fridge!!!

I completely freaked and claimed the fridge to be condemned.  I even volunteered to push it out to the curb myself.

The mister however said that he could clean it out and it would be just fine.

Do you know how many germs mice carry?  Not to mention the fact that it was dead and rotting right next to the motor!!!!  SUPER NASTY!!

Since we couldn't agree, we decided to call in a marriage ref.

The call was made to my sister who promptly sided with the mister.  So naturally her vote didn't count.

I continued down the list to her husband.  He too sided with the mister.

Being completely alone on freak-out island, I caved and let the mister start cleaning.  My stipulation was that he at least wear proper protection when handling the said mouse.

Can you see the little bugger in there?
Here's a better view.

After a really lot of bleach and a few curse words, the mouse is now gone to a better place. 

What would you have done?

If you like being amused by other people's craziness, you should try the marriage ref.  The mister and I love it.  I validates us by proving that there are people out there that are crazier than us.  It's highly entertaining.  Here's a quick peek.

Try it, you'll like it, I promise.


Christina said...

I think I would have sided with you Aleca. I would have had the other side helping it out to the curb

Breck said...

Dear freaked out.....I am a little nervous regarding the cleaning out of your defiled refridgerator. If the mister doesn't wear gloves he might be contaminated with the smell of the aforementioned dead critter. And the mister will have a look of bewilderment and surprise when he finds himself parked at the curb awaiting pickup.
Elder M.

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