Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Magic Feet

On Sunday the kids and I are all ready for church; all we have to do is put our shoes on and walk out the door.  We have plenty of time to spare.

At twenty to ten I tell everyone to put on their shoes and get in the car.  Suddenly, both of the girls have NO shoes to wear because they are all too small.

Me: Um... didn't you just wear those like two days ago?

Zoey:  Yeah, but today they are too small and I can't wear them.

Breckyn:  I can't get mine on either.

No problem, I'll go to the closet and get out some I've been saving in a bigger size. (of course just a little too big)

After much squeezing and pouting they've got shoes on and we are in the car off to church.

Fast forward to Monday morning...

We're ready for school except for shoes and back packs and it's time to go. 

Same lines, same story.

Zoey leaves the house in shorts and fuzzy crocs.

Brecky leaves the house in weird polka dot shoes that I'm not even sure how we got.

Is it really possible for them to grow out of their shoes in a day?

Are my kids the only ones that wait until the last possible second to tell me of their shoe woes?

I was just at the store Saturday night people!  You were with me and didn't want to look at shoes!!!!  Not that I'm bitter, but gee wiz!


Brenda said...

As a mother of five, shoes (on Sunday morning, for soccer games, school, etc.) were the bane of my existence - right up there with the never ending laundry!

juli said...

We were getting ready to leave on day and Brice informed me that his shoes hurt and he couldnt wear them they were to small. So after I told him he didn't know what he was talking about and he was full of it I took him to the shoe store. When we got there they measured his foot and he was actually 2 sizes bigger than what he was wearing!!! He had been wearing shoes for months that were 2 sizes to small! yep, good mom I am!

Beth said...

That is EXACTLY how it works. My girls both grow out of shoes at the same time and they all of a sudden have NOTHING that works. I'm a big fan of that Buy One Get One deal at Payless.. I've hooked up some serious amounts of shoes that way.

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