Saturday, April 10, 2010


I am a time liar.

Yep, I like to under estimate my time. 

When I say that it takes me about 15 minutes to get ready in the morning; I mean more like 25.

If I say that I'm running late and I'll be there in about 5 minutes.  What I really mean is that short of a miracle and a few green lights-- it's going to be more like 10 minutes.

When I say that it only takes me 25 minutes to drive to Janesville, that means that I can't use my brakes and I have to keep my speed above 80 miles an hour.  Otherwise, I'll be there in about 32 minutes.  But doesn't 25 sound so much easier? 

That's how I talk myself into going grocery shopping every week.  I under estimate the actual time I'll be spending so it doesn't sound quite so long and tedious.  It's like a little time pep talk for myself. 

Come on Leca, you can do it.  It's only going to take you 45 minutes.  That's not so bad.  (An hour later, I'm actually done and I have fooled myself yet again.  Ha, I fall for it every time.)

I have a habit of under estimating my time so that it sounds better.  I know, it's silly but it makes me feel more efficient to say something short and easy rather than long and annoying.

I also have a habit of setting my clocks ahead so that I can be time lied to.  If it looks like I'm going to be late, it makes me feel better to say, "That clock is ahead so I'm not that late."

My kitchen clock is 5 minutes fast.  My car clock is 7 minutes fast.  My bedroom clock is 12 minutes fast (I really hate waking up in the morning and it works as a sleep buffer between me waking up, and actually having to be up.)

You'd think that time lying would get old.  It doesn't.

I always hope that I'll forget how fast I set my clocks and be really early.  Some how I always remember.  Funny how that works...

How do you take your time?


Estee said...

I was exactly the same. Every word you typed - done it. Then, I married a time nazzi and somehow stopped these habbits, one by one they disappeared.

Cheri said...

That's funny. I kind of do the opposite. I tell myself it's going to take more time than I think it really will so that I feel good when I'm done sooner. Example: On a roadtrip I'll say we have a hour left whne it's really only about 45 minutes. That way I'm happy when it didn't really take that long. AND my clocks are real time.

annie said...

I have to be early every where I go - my dad taught us that. If you weren't 10 minutes early to leave, you were late and he would leave you.

Ramona said...

word for word...that is me...and boy do i hate it when my hubby tries to 'help' me out by setting the car clock to the actual time! aaahhhh!!!!

Beth said...

I'm one of the opposite girls.. I'm like Cheri. I over-exaggerate the amount of time it takes and I'm early to EVERYTHING. Example, we have a baptism to go to tonight.. it probably takes about 15 minutes to get there (maybe even 10) but you can bet your buppy (whatever your buppy is) that I will be yelling for my family to get in the car about 25 minutes before time to be there. But, when it comes to money... I definitely round DOWN. It costs $9.99 - I got it for $9! It was only $25.99 - I got it for $20 bucks! yaaaa me! :)

Breck said...

To say that you are a time liar is putting it mildly! I had to say that cause I remember when my mom told me that she expected me to be late as always cause that was just me. I was sooo surprised! I guess that makes me a time liar too!

Kim said...

I'm a time liar too! I thought this post was funny because I'm the same way!

Jessie said...

I do the exact thing! Except all my clocks are 15 min. ahead. I figure if they all say the same thing I might forget I am lying to myself. But I never do. . .

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