Friday, April 9, 2010

On Wisconsin

Breckyn came home with this lovely poster from school yesterday.  I immediately told her that she was NOT hanging that thing up in our house.  (Breckyn has been known to bring home posters of the high school teams and display them all over our house with a generous amount of tape.) 

She told me that there was no way she was hanging this one up.  Then she asked permission to deface it with a marker mustache.  I told her to go talk to her Dad because defacing things is his department.

Apparently the fourth grade is when they cheese wash the kids' brains about Wisconsin.  Breckyn brings home a Wisconsin newspaper, that is a few pages long and only about Wisconsin history, every few days.  I have sat with her many nights trying to decode her mandatory worksheets on Wisconsin.  Granted I've lived here almost my entire life, but there are some things that stump me and make me wonder why it is that we live here.

Yesterday the school had the ultimate visitor.  The cheese ambassador herself, Alice in Dairyland.  She was there to answer any and all questions about our lovely state.  Lucky them.

Zoey came home from school with new found facts like; the Water Springer is the state dog.  Things I'm sure are vital to their academic careers.

we have Water Springers, cheese, cows, and of course Alice in Dairyland.  Come on, I know you want to move here.  We'll even throw in this lovely poster (which now has a mustache) for free.  Tempting, isn't it?


Brenda said...

That is hilarious! Here in Utah, my son had 'the pork lady' visit in his foods class (high school), she was full of all sorts of fascinating facts about pork - he he he.

Cheri said...

Oh my goodness! You have got to be kidding me! They sent that poster home with each kid? That's horrible! (Sorry if the girl on it is reading this.) Wow, maybe they should feature the bowling or the booze. That is some tasty cheese, though.

kristen said...

When Joe started kindergarten their class was taught that the Packers and their colors are good, the Bears and their colors were bad. He refused to eat off of any plate that was orange or blue and only wanted the green and yellow plates. They should have had Alice in Dairyland wearing a cheese head.

Renee said...

She came to our school yesterday!

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