Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Freak Secret of the Day

I love to mow the lawn. 

Yeah, I know I just lost almost all of you; let me explain.

The mister and I have our house jobs lined up into two departments.  It's either his department or mine.  His consists of taking out the trash, buying electronics, killing bugs and answering the door when I'm not wearing a bra.  I handle things like puke, cooking, mopping the floors, taking the kids to school and getting the mail.

For years mowing the lawn was strictly his department.  He put some money into the perfect riding lawn mower and he protected it from me like his little pet.

Then a few summers ago the mister threw out his back while attempting to construct this playhouse for the kids.
That was my big chance!

I got my hands on his pretty pretty little pet...

I love it!  It drives like a dream!

Now that he is all better we have a silent war going on at our house.  Who will get to mow the lawn?

I wait until he has a really big important phone call for work and then I sneak out into the shed and snuggle up with my orange stallion. 

The mister does the same dirty tricks to me.  He tries to distract me by offering to watch the kids so I can go to the store.  The next thing I know, he's out on the lawn mower.  Evil Genius!

What's your freak secret?


Brenda said...

My favorite is "answering the door when I'm not wearing a bra" Hahahahahaha.

*Abby* said...

I too enjoy a good lawn mower ride! Although without the riding part, mowing is just not very fun!

kristen said...

I love to mow the lawn (we only have a push mower, I look at it as exercise) and do other yard work as well. It is one thing I do that doesn't get dirty, consumed, or ruined 10 minutes after it is done. My kids liked to mow last year, but other yardwork is always on their "to don't list", but they still do it when threatened. I look forward to next summer and improving the new yard a ton.

Margene said...

I love to weed flower beds. It just feels good to get your hands in the dirty and pull those weeds out. The flowers look so happy to get rid of all those ugly weeds. My flower beds are still pretty two weeks later. After you clean your home, an hour later there is toys, newspaper, clothes and etc spread all over. I have yet to find a dirty sock or a fisher price toy in my flower beds.

Cheri said...

Your orange stallion, huh? That's seriously funny.

Julie said...

When we lived in Virginia with a massive yard, I always mowed the lawn on the riding lawn mower while Tige did the edges. I loved riding it with Kason on my knee. We left it in Virginia since we now have a yard the size of my thumb.

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