Friday, April 9, 2010


I'd like to present to you my latest infatuation...
I know, she's beautiful, isn't she?  I have been obsessing over this pretty little thing for several months.  Wednesday night the mister surprised me with my very own Shark steam mop.

I've been a little skeptical only because it was out of my usual price point for an instant buy.  But the mister helped me pull the trigger.  (Thanks again to my favorite husband of mine.)

OK, this is all you need to know.  It plugs into the wall and has an impressively long cord.  The heads are removable so all you need to do is clean and then throw it in the wash and you are ready to go again.  It comes with doubles of every mop head size (so you can wash and use at the same time).  That means no extra costs for future uses. It only uses water so you don't need to pay for any extra cleaning supplies.  You can use each side of the mop heads with a quick flip and keep cleaning as you go.  This thing is genius!  You don't have to keep going back to your sink to rinse out, you just go.  It has instant heat and steam and it cleans like a dream. 

I was literally singing while I was mopping my floors.  "La la la, I'm the luckiest girl in the world, la la!"  "I love you Sharkie la la!"

The mister told me he was glad I liked it and to remember that around Mother's Day cause this was my present for that.   WO WO WO WOAH!  Now, we all know that any sort of appliance or cleaning item does not count towards presents because they are to be considered work equipment. 

I then explained to him that I would still be accepting gifts like a new iphone (my deepest darkest desire), a pool, a tropical vacation, new furniture, or a puppy. 

Those seem like reasonable gifts, don't you think?

Yeah, I knew we'd see it the same way.

You must have the Steam Shark!  Your life will be so much easier!  I mopped in record time and my floor looks sparkly!  The mister admitted that he would even offer to mop the floors now because it was so easy.  (This is usually the only chore that he refuses to help me with.)

It retails for $120 (I know, a little pricey but well worth it when you add up all the money you spend on mops and chemicals now.)  at Target, Home Depot, Lowes, Kohls, Wal-Mart and other places.  Don't worry, you can get some coupons and be all over that in no time!

You can check it out online (video and everything) HERE.


Cheri said...

That does look pretty amazing. I'd take it even if it was a mother's day present.

Barb said...

So funny; a commercial for one of these came on today and both the little monsters and I stopped and watched it with our mouths hanging open. If it wasn't storming so bad here we just might have run out to get one. I wonder how it does on carpet???
Maybe I should drop a hint to my Mr...

annie said...

I think I may have to buy myself this for Mothers Day this year!

Karen said...

I need one! I hate mopping with a passion.

Jodi said...

Got it. Love it. Thanks for the reccommendation! The kids are fighting over who gets to mop. Genius!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this. I have one but not the attachments. Do you use those much? Tell me more!


Jennifer said...

I actually just got one of those a couple of weeks ago and was ready to take it back! It left a funky film on all of my floors (aprox 1500sq ft of tile or wood). That is until I did some investigating online. It turned out that it was residual cleaner from my swiffer. So, I went over the floors with vinegar/water to strip the other stuff off and now it cleans like a dream!! I love the little triangle head that fits just perfectly around the toilet! And it cleans hairspray without any effort at all! I am so glad I got things figured out and love that Ryann's knees stay clean while crawling on the floor!!! :)

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