Thursday, April 29, 2010

iPhone Envy

I want an iPhone more than anything!

I've been dropping hints to the mister for quite some time now.  (at least a year)  This past December I had the mister in the store, iPhone in hand and a willingness in his heart when a sales lady asked if she could help us.  I panicked because I didn't want the mister to be distracted or deterred in any way until my phone was purchased and safely resting in my purse.

She kindly offered to check my cell phone account and see if I qualified for my annual update.  (I'm thinking, you know I won't-- it never works out that perfectly!  Just go away stupid sales lady!)

My phone did not qualify for an update until April 15th.  (duh, of course it doesn't)  She told us if we waited I could save several hundred dollars in the purchase of my new phone.  (wait is a four letter word in my book)

Grrrrr!  That's just what the mister wanted to hear.  She was basically telling him to run for his life and abandon all plans of making his wife the happiest woman in the world.

I hate that lady.

The mister told me that it was probably better if we waited and saved a little cash.  He blabbed on about how my cell phone was just fine and it wouldn't kill me to wait a bit.  (He said this very smugly for a man with an iPhone resting quietly in his pocket.)

I conceded and made him mark the date in his calendar as "the day my wife will be happy."  Then I made some well placed comments in his direction to remind him of my our plans.  My answers to questions go like this, "Hmmm... good question, I think I'll look it up on my iPhone.  Oh, that's right, I don't have one."

You may have noticed that April 15th has come and gone and I'm still crabbing about my iPhone or rather my lack of.  The mister found THIS ARTICLE on CNN that says iPhone is coming out with its next generation in a few months.  He thinks I should wait just a little longer and have the newest model.

I have a bit of a patience problem.  I am a now person.  The fact that I've waited this long is a small miracle.

This also smells a little of I-don't-really-want-to-spend-the-money-so-I'm-stringing-you-out.

Should I wait?  Perhaps I'll distract him with THE LAWN MOWER and go buy the damn thing myself.  I think I could hide it a few weeks-- maybe.


Linda said...

Tell him HE can wait for the new one... and switch phones with him. He can have your "perfectly fine" old phone while you get the one with the bells and whistles. My husband made me wait a year... one day when we had an argument, I left the house and went straight to AT&T. :D

Oh... and offering him the lawn mower back might be a good idea... good distraction. :)

Kent said...

You gonna want to wait.

There will be a new iPhone introduced in June that's going to do a lot more stuff that will be pretty cool.

Patience...... Or you could just get an Android phone and be even more free and happy!! LOL


Heather said...

Wait, then you can have the better, latest & greatest phone :) Gloating will be SOOOOO worth the wait!

kristen said...

Is that why he bought you the Shark steam cleaner?? Was this a scheme? Or is he getting you back for getting the dog?? "Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmm." You know you will get your phone, he will give in, or maybe he is waiting for your b'day and mother's day.

Cheri said...

Wait for it.....wait for it......yup! Go for the new one. That'll be cool.

Margene said...

Wait then your will be better than his and won't be able to stand it that yours will be the best.

Renee said...

Well????!!! Did you get the new iPhone?!

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