Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Blues

I hate late winter.

When winter first arrives in Wisconsin, it's magical. I love to see the sparkly frost and the way the trees catch snowflakes in their branches. The first snowman is always the most exciting to make.

December comes and it feels comforting to have snow on the ground and stuck in your Christmas lights. Christmas without snow just feels wrong to me.

Then we drag ourselves through January and the temperature drops and a lot of the time it is too cold to snow. Yes, that is possible. Then winter turns into a cruel trick.

February comes and I'd be willing to trade my kidneys for some sunshine and a flash of green. I have mean and nasty thoughts about a ground hog who never seems to be on my side.
March acts like it's going to start letting in some good weather, but it's usually a tease.

April has been known to still have significant snow on the ground. That is just wrong.

May is full of surprises. I think this is the weather man's ploy to get us to watch him faithfully every night. I could send my kid to school in shorts one day and a parka the next.

Winter and I have a love hate relationship. Most of the time, I love to hate him.

I need a vacation. I'm not asking for much. Just a little sunshine and the ability to go outside without my coat on.

Stupid Winter!

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kristen said...

I love the beginning of winter in WI because it snows and then it feels more Christmasy. I do have to say I missed the early snow here in PA, but it ended up snowing before Christmas and we still have several inches on the ground. The thing that is tough about WI winter is that it is so cold that you can't go outside without bundling up every part of your body and wearing a breathing mask so that your lungs don't freeze. I will miss the spring and summer there too.

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