Friday, February 5, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

I thought you'd enjoy a few fun things I've found.
I just love these lil' kinz (mostly for the price). My kids are in love with Webkinz and they are the same, only smaller. They have a line of valentines that feature a lil' kinz in a cutie bag. I bought mine at Target for $5. Easy simple valentines for your lil' ones.

This is a laser pointer. It turns out dogs love these things. We stumbled upon this a few months ago and it has become our dogs favorite pass time. He goes nuts over it. It's highly entertaining.
This is the most amazing toothpaste I have ever used. I am always a little nervous that I have kitten breath. This toothpaste blasts my mouth with a burst of foam and the teeth whitening doesn't hurt either. No more kitten breath again.
My kids are old enough to shower themselves but the concept of bar soap has too many complications for them. This foam has ensured us clean parts and no slips or residue.
This is one of my all time favorite winter wonders. Inevitably someone in our family is going to get a cold. This vapor bath is a mild soothing comfort for even your worst colds. I draw a hot bath and let the vapors work their magic. (For a more powerful punch try Vick's shower soothers.)

This peeler is genius. It slides onto your middle finger and transforms your palm into a vegetable peeler. It is very user friendly. I also found this at Target. I love the whole line.
This is my newest love in the craft room. It's by Fiskars. It's a self healing mat with a rotary cutter. It makes scissor cutting a thing of the past. I can cut and sew super fast. It's a small miracle.

Several years ago I would have told you that these crayons were not anything special. Then my youngest came into his writing years and I have given these a second glance. My son doesn't hold his writing utensils correctly. The triangle shape forces him to hold the crayon the right way. It's training him to use the right form. This is a small wonder for our littlest man. Thank you Crayola.


The Snow Queen said...

Hey they make pencils that are triangles too! Poppy has trouble with the "tripod" grip too. I bought pencils at Staples. I bought the big fat Ticonderoga ones in triangles and the skinny regular pencils at Staples too! They even have black pencils with microban on the wood to ward off germies. Love it!

Beth said...

I love your lists :)

Jennifer said...

those little laser lights are great for babies!! Ryann loves to try to 'catch' the light! She and the dog play together!!

kristen said...

Did you know you don't have to keep buying refills for those soap pumps. When they are out, just fill them abou 1/6 of the way with the regualar baby wash, add water, swish around to mix and pump. You can do the same with the dishwash soap and hand soap foam dispensers.

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