Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Lucky Day

I am a hopeful fool. When I was I kid I loved these claw machines. I would beg my parents to let me try them. I was always convinced that I could beat the game and win a prize. It looked so easy. The stuffed animals are just sitting there ripe for the picking. Needless to say, I never ever won.

Fast forward a few years to today. I am still a hopeful fool. Yesterday in the mail I received a flyer with a key attached and a scratch code at the bottom. I usually throw these away immediately. But the scratch off peeked my curiosity. I figured I might as well scratch it off-- just in case. Well, scratch I did, and I found myself looking at a $25,000 winner ticket!

I could not resist this tempt of fate. I scanned through the rules and realized that I now qualified to win $25,000, a new car, a new ATV, $1,000 or three gold coins. It was right at my finger tips!

I knew that I was no longer able to make a sound judgement, so I called the mister. He made sure that it wasn't a scam and then humored me all the way down to the car dealership. The kids were jazzed and so was I. I made lofty promises of icecream and ponies if this indeed was the lucky winner.

After the typical schmooze of the salesman, he agreed to check my ticket and...

I am now the proud owner of three gold coins to commemorate my idiot move.



Cheri said...

Did you seriously haul all the way down to the car dealership for that one? That is SO funny. I can just see you there with your kids all in a line as the man passes out the coins. Not even enough to give each kid one? Man!

If I'm ever a millionare, I'll buy you the claw machine. I bet you could make $25,000 off that.

Karen said...


connie said...

What a great story. The saying "there is one born every minute" came to mind. You are priceless. I mean that in such a loving way. You make my day.

Hapy Henries said...

haha I love it!! last time i did something like that i got sales calls for the next 6 months! grrrr. Are the gold coins at least worth cashing in for a good dinner with the mister?

*Abby* said...


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