Friday, February 12, 2010


I am all amped up about my latest adventure-- facebook!

I know that this is an amazing haven for so many people. I joined to hopefully up the traffic on this site. I'll have you know that I am so not a facebook person.

(people who are desperately attached to FB please indulge me for a tinsy moment)

I think I was born to blog. I like to have a topic to rant on and I like to let people know about things in an orderly manner.

Not on facebook!

It's this hodge podge of people's thoughts and feelings updated by the minute. Ummm... I so don't care what you are doing in your spare time. I'd like to hear about something a little more lively than you letting your dog out. Where is the humor people? Where are the silly stories and the life lessons? Have a brain barf on someone else's time and quit cluttering up my page.

I'm not getting the connection that so many people feel with this crap site.

(I call it a crap site because apparently that's where all of the crap from people's brain collects.)

I am also a little freaked out by the sheer number of people who are there just yuckin' it up waiting for another person to join and so that they can pounce 'um. It's slightly disturbing.

Just so everyone knows; I'll still be a regular here.

Facebook, I'm not so sure about.

I got a little confused and frankly kinda scared. The only bonus of joining facebook was all the email I got in one day. I think I set my own personal record.

What can I say, it's the little things that excite me.

So for all of you FB nuts. Enjoy! I'm so not on your team.

However, can you please add me as your friend....

Hey, I still have my pride.


Karen said...

Facebook can be a total time-suck if you let it be. Just don't get roped into playing any of those online games or taking dumb facebook quizzes. I do like it because I can keep in touch with some people I haven't seen in years, though. And I can see pictures of all of their kids, which is fun. Ok, I'm going to go add you as a friend...

Jennifer said...

I like to keep in touch with people on fb. I LOVE your blog, though! Totally makes me laugh! Hits very close to home!! :) I'm simply not clever enough to come up with enough stuff for a blog! It seriously takes me a long time just to come up with one or 2 sentences that MIGHT get a comment or 2 on fb!! Hope you'll still be my friend though!! I especially love keeping in touch with Elkhorn friends who I love and miss terriblely!! I sure hope things are going good for you! :)

Beth said...

I'm with you on this one. I love to read the FB news but RARELY put one of my own. I don't want to write a bunch of boring updates, so I just DON'T until I have something worth sharing. It seriously bugs me to read all of the people who say things like "Just finished baking bread, now cleaning the house, while folding laundry and playing with the kids.." YA. SURE you are. You're staring at a computer. Your kids are NOT feelin' the love right now, you big fat LIAR!!! Woooah, got a little excited there.. but I think it JUST might be brain barf (nice terminology). And, yes, I'll friend you. ha ha! :)

Tina said...

I think your problem is that you don't live far enough from home. Facebook has become my long-lost link to my best friends growing up, college roomies, and family that I haven't seen in years. What you call "Brain farts" I consider to be links to their lives. Yes, most of the time I could care less about what they are saying. I could eliminate 90% of my friends and not miss them, but for that 10% that I love and miss, it is a connection that I cherish. What they post may not seem interesting, but add a comment and you might find that you have a funny exchange with a bunch of old friends. So many people are afraid to post anything at all because their lives aren't interesting or exciting - brain barf-ish. I read through, take it for what it's worth. You want to enjoy fb, learn how to edit the crap the screen gives you, and comment on other's posts. Add some of your spice to someone else's day.
You have a great blog but it is pretty much an "all-about-leca" kind of read. Facebook may not always have your spunk, but I find it to be a community of lives that have influenced mine.

kristen said...

Hey Leca, I am with you on the FB thing, or I guess, not on the FB thing. I signed up to see someone else's sight and kept getting emails from FB about all these people I might know, kind of too weird that a computer might know that. I also got "writing on my wall" from people who wanted to know if I was an OBGYN and other things, weird. I was just listening to the radio and it talked about a company who will give referrals to tele-marketers based on information they get about people, where do you think they get that, FB. Anyway, hope you are well. I started a blog too because I have been missing my friends so much and food is my new friend. I try to post a recipe everyday.

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