Sunday, February 28, 2010

My New Minivan

I've been thinking. Every time I have to go long distances in the car with my kids, it ends up being crazy loud. Someone is always yelling, crying, or complaining. Any of these things can be easily dealt with in the wide open spaces of your home. But in the car, they are magnified a gazillion times and it makes you want to jump from the moving vehicle.

My idea is genius. Why don't they make minivans like limos. You know how in the movies the driver is always putting up the privacy shield so they can have a little peace and quiet.

Why can't they do that in a minivan?

When the kids get a little rowdy you could just push the privacy button and a sound proof shield would slide up between the front and the back seats. Then you could enjoy a blissfully quiet ride in the car.

Let the kids hash it out in the back seat and you can have your own soft music playing soothingly in the front.

Everyone is happy right?

I swear, they should hire me as a car designer right now.


Cheri said...

AMEN!!! It's brilliant. Write the car companies. I'll sign a petition or do whatever it takes.

connie said...

Swell idea. When our children were little we had a station wagon. I know, OLD. Any way, we would put the middle part down and put our luggage and camping stuff there and put the 3rd seat up in back, facing the back out the window. Put the kids there and really never hear them. It was a good way to travel, for us. The babies were always in the front with us so they were safe. Older kids, not so much. Good news is, they are still all alive. Didn't fall out the window or I didn't kill them.

*Abby* said...

I too have been thinking about that for the past 3 years! I stand by this idea completely!

Barb said...

Funny, funny Blog! I too am with you on this idea. The Mr. and I have been dreaming of such an idea for a few years now. Seriously, do none of the car designers have kids???

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