Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's really here!

Yesterday was the big day!  Steve Jobs announced the new iPhone.

I know most of you don't really care but I've been waiting for this for a very long time.  Click HERE for proof.

I my new phone will be waiting for me in the store June 24th.  She is so pretty and she's got lots of upgrades that are perfect for a blogging junkie like myself.

I am beyond excited!  I've been gloating over this since yesterday. 

I think something this cool should have a name-- don't you agree?

I knew you would.  Now, for the perfect name.... hmmmm....

Got any suggestions for my new pretty pretty iPhone?

(Yes, I'm naming my phone!  Don't judge-- OK.  All the best things in life have a pet name and she will too.)

We have a barf bucket named Lola.  Our first car was named Pepe.  You get the picture.  It makes everything a little more fun.

Just a reminder-- today is the last chance to enter for the Auntie Anne's giveaway.  Hop to it!

(Thanks for all the suggestions on my flip flop dilemma.  I've got a few on order to try out-- yeehoo!  You guys rock!)


annie said...


brookie said...


Anonymous said...

Annie stole my idea. I was going to say 'stella' too. That name rocks and since a new iphone will be STELLAR, why not stella?

Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman said...

She looks like a Carrie to me.

Kami said...

How about Betty or Bella

Kate said...

What about Wilma? Then you can yell, "WILMA!!!!!" anytime you need your phone or want to get away, you know? I guess Stella would let you do the same thing, but I just really like Wilma. It sounds more humble - it could be the 1st meek i-phone ever!

*By the way, this is Kate Barlow, Chris's little sister, in case you're thinking, "who the heck is this Kate trying to tell me what to name my phone?!"

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