Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lake Loser

I have a secret fear.

I really hate the lake.

Shhhh.... don't tell anyone-- it's kind of embarrassing.

I grew up doing lots of things on the lake from boating to swimming and everything in between.  I have always enjoyed jet skis and water skiing-- but I wish I could do it in a pool.

When I go to get into the lake all I can picture is tons of fish poop, little kid pee and other unpleasantries that are dumped into the water everyday.  I see fish trying to eat my toes and nasty slimy lake plants brushing my skin.

It gives me the skeevies just thinking about it.  EEEEWWW!

The water is all murky and brown.  It has a funky moldy smell.

Here's the weird part, I am OK with the ocean.  (Even though it tastes disgusting.)  Maybe because it's so big and any germ would be canceled out-- I don't know.

I have issues.  Clearly. 

The problem is, I'm going to have to face them soon enough.  The kids really really want to rent a boat and go tubing on the lake this summer.  It's one of their only requests.  I know I'll cave and do it but I'm going to have to be in a happy place to do it.  Yicky!

How about you?  Can you handle the lake monster?


annie said...

no - I hate the gross water, and if I had to fall in it, I think I would die.

Jennifer said...

Yeah, my friends think I'm really weird because I won't swim in a lake, but I love the ocean. Other than the ocean, give me chlorinated water or leave me alone.

Mrs. Ohtobe said...

I can't do fresh water either...soemthing about the gators here in FL that scare the pants off me. And I am fine being in the ocean and since we just live a mile or so from it...but...after merrily bobbing along I hear the JAWs theme...and then I think about Steve Irwin and I get totally freaked out.

juli said...

haha!same fear! I dont like the ocean either...sharks will eat me! But then I'm so weird about germs i think taking a bath is gross! who wants to sit in their dirties? yeah i think a lake is just a big unclean toilet :)

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

I can't say I love lake water, but I never thought about it that hard. Now you're giving ME issues.

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