Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Stinkin' Vacation

It's day 2 of summer vacation and day 2 of non-stop rain.

That means that I have four kids inside when they really want to be outside.  The noise level just keeps going up and the Mister has claimed that he's thinking of traveling more. 

I have been hiding in the corner eating pie (it's really good) to ease my tension.

The dog keeps getting let inside soaking wet and no one ever knows who did it.

I've stepped on Legos 3,478 times and my downstairs bathroom has been turned into a Lego palace made out of Jengas.

Emerson wants to play Mancala with everyone every second of the day since I showed him how to play yesterday.  That means that I keep finding random marbles all over the house.

When Rugby finds the marbles he throws them.

Breckyn started the weirdest kid contest this morning.  The object of the game was to put on as many random clothes out of the dress up bin as possible and then go around convincing everyone that you are a weirdo.  I'm convinced.

Zoey is amping up the tears at any sign of not getting her way.  (Which never works when I try it.)

My only solution to the rainy day crisis is going to the movies but I already used that card yesterday.

If the sun doesn't shine tomorrow, I'm packing up the kids and driving away.  Wisconsin can stuff it because I'm sick of its bad weather attitude.

I know there are lots of you stuck in my same boat-- and it ain't the love boat I'll tell you that much.

Summer vacation--- (sigh)  You promised me sunny days and happy kids and you are not delivering.  I want my money back.

Stay tuned for tomorrow because I have a really cool treat for you guys!  I can't wait!


Mandi said...

It finally got warm here (as opposed to the 55 degrees on Saturday) but, BUT we're still in the same boat, in a way. Everyone's got strep. 'Cept for me. But I'm sure it's my turn any minute now. So I'm sick of being stuck in here as well.

Feelin' your pain.

Julaine said...

Fortunately I don't have that problem so much, all though everytime I hope the door that lead to the garage Addison runs to it as if we are going to go for our daily walk. Still doesn't compare to 4 kids but still.

Why make us wait for this surprise?!...It's rainy remember, we need some sunshine NOW!

Maggie said...

Do you have a Regal Cinemas or Kerasotas Theaters anywhere nearby? They have free (although G and PG) movies on Tuesdays and Wed all summer long!

Karen said...

Ergh. I feel your pain.

annie said...

My kids are on week 2 of being home and are already bored - too bad for them!

Christina said...

OK so we have been having the exact opposite problem, weather wise anyway, with 95 degree weather. It's almost too hot to go and play outside until the late afternoon otherwise you'll get burned. But, if your up to it, gather all the kiddos up and bring them down here for a visit. We've got a ton of things to do

Ashley said...

oh you make me laugh! So sorry you are stuck in the house! We are roasting in the desert! Wanna trade some 105 temperature days for some rainy ones???

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