Monday, June 21, 2010

A few of my favorite things-- again

I have found a few little things I thought you'd like to know about.

Remember a little while ago when I was going through a flip flop crisis?  (click HERE to jog your memory)  A few of you commented about some that you have liked.  I thought I'd give them a try so I bought a pair of Sanuks and I'm in heaven!  So thank you gbmommy05 who ever you are-- you are my flip flop hero.

I am telling you-- youMUST have these!  I bought mine at REI for $24 and oh baby-- we were made for each other.  She was right, it is exactly like walking on marshmallows all day (but way less sticky) because they are made out of yoga mats

I also discovered a wonderful mommy tip I thought I would pass along.  My kids love love LOVE to go to the movies.  They also think that you can't go to the movies without proper snacks.  I splurge and get them popcorn every few times we go but I usually hide treats in my purse to pull out when the lights dim. 

(check out the Mister's opinion HERE)

If you have ever taken a kid to the movies you know that they pound their candy during the opening credits and keep begging for more every few seconds.  I never want to keep feeding them because I know they'll barf.  (That actually happened to me so I'm a little gun shy with the candy.)  So I found a way to keep us both happy.  Suckers.  Yes, suckers.  They last for a good portion of the movie and they don't have a tummy ache when it's over.  Genius-- I know, right?

I signed up for Groupon a few months ago and I have been finding some amazing deals.  All you have to do is go to and sign up to be in the club for free.  It's a website designed to get group discounts for lots of stuff in your area from restaurants, movies, spas, sporting events and even skydiving.  It's a way for people in the area to group together and get a discount without having to form a group on their own.  You will get an email daily telling you of the hottest deal of the day. (I think the email part is optional if you're paranoid about it.)  It has saved me a boat load on stuff I've wanted to do for a while.  The best part is, you can sign up for it where ever you live because it works for tons of cities all over the United States.  Just click HERE.
And Finally, if you have never read the magazine Real Simple, you are seriously missing out.  I started subscribing to Real Simple just a few months ago and I'm completely hooked.  It has the best ideas for cooking, fashion, crafts, and new uses for old things.  It also has really good suggestions for websites and other things you may not have discovered on your own.  If you don't believe me pick up a copy the next time you are at the store and thumb through it.  You'll be a believer soon enough.  I promise.  You can subscribe HERE or check it out HERE.



I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said... stuff. You're really making me want to get those flip flops. Thanks for all the tips!

Mandi said...

Loving your favorite things leest-- keep 'em coming.

brookie said...

so i really do like you...your posts keep me laughing. i think you, your sisters and i could be friends... thanks for the giggles!

gbmommy05 said...

Hey, I am soooo glad you liked my suggestion enough to try the Sanuks. They are the BEST!!!!! My husband who NEVER liked flip flops EVER, actually bought the first pair of Sanuks in our household and I thought he was nuts until I found a pair of my own and I literally wear them EVERYWHERE. Love them and now that they come in a million (ok maybe 10) colors, I must get some more. Also, loved seeing my name (even if it is only my online name) in print. Ha ha! Love your blog too. It cracks me up.

Leca said...

Thanks again for the flip flop suggestion. I really am loving them. You rock!

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