Friday, June 18, 2010

Donut Love

I LOVE donuts.

I think this might classify as a serious addiction.  But I can quit any time-- really I can.  (Alright I can't and you will never be able to make me!!!)

First let us address the spelling of donuts.  I'm a d-o-n-u-t-s kind of person not a d-o-u-g-h-n-u-t-s kind of person.  I assure you, it matters.

There are several classifications of said donuts.

Class 1:  The homemade family bakery kind
Class 2:  Chain store kind
Class 3:  Grocery Store kind
Class 1 is the mother load.  We have several Mom and Pop bakeries in our area that make insanely delicious donuts.  They make them fresh every morning.  (no stale nastiness for me)  There is nothing better than waking up to a box full on your kitchen table delivered by your loved ones.  Now that's the right way to start off your morning.

Class 2 is the I'm on vacation and this will work for my donut fix.  Although there is a wonderful sugary gem called the Krispy Kreme that is a fluffy pillow of goodness.  My first experience with Krispy Kreme was magical and wondrous.  Perhaps even better than Disney Land.

Class 3 is the I'm on a road trip and these are seriously good junk food staple.  Let me be clear.  There is only ONE kind of grocery store donut that is worth your time.  (Trust me, I've tried them all.)  It's the mini powdered sugar donuts (preferably Dolly Madison).  A word of advice, NEVER inhale while trying to eat one of these.  It could be the death of you so hold all breathing until you have properly swallowed.

You are probably wondering if there is something really wrong with me because I have spend a good amount of time thinking this through.  Yes, yes there is something wrong with me-- it's called a donut addiction.  Donuts are the wondrous magical part of life that no one can skimp on. 

Go ahead, go out and get one.  You really deserve it.


jensam said...

i'm new to viewing your blog, i just love it!
you know what you need to try? voodoo doughnuts. its in portland oregon. unfortunetly they don't ship, but if your ever out that way, you need to check it out. that is of course if your willing to stand in line for an hour, but believe me, its worth it! i too share your love for donuts, and these are by far the best! check out their website....

Margene said...

I do love the class #1 donuts best. But they have to be fresh and made that day. class #3 donuts I can take or leave there are other snacks I like better.

Leca said...

OOoooHHH! Those voodoo donuts look amazing. I might have to plan a trip just to taste 'um. Yummmmm!

Karen said...

Great, now I want a donut. Or two.

Hilarious Homemaker said...

HAHA! I've had a few of those "near death by powdered sugar" experiences!

I love little mom and pop shops, I used to go all the time in CA, but now that I'm in AZ all they have is Safeway donuts- yuck! Nothing worse than self-serve, made 12 hours ago, and I just ate a grease bubble donuts!

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

Okay, that advice on not inhaling while eating them is seriously funny. It's true, too! I love this post. Right on with the donut classification.

kristen said...

I am so missing Lakeland bakery.

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