Saturday, June 26, 2010

Toy Story 3

We took the kids to see Toy Story 3 tonight.  I was a little disappointed.  It was kinda dark and the story line was pretty lame.

I have to warn you that if your kids scare easily-- this is NOT the movie for you.  They take you through quite a range of emotions-- mostly fear, anxiety and panic. 

My kids said they thought it was OK.  But I was really hoping for another great Toy Story movie.  Even the short at the beginning of the movie was wacky. 

There is no great Toy Story humor and it kinda dragged on.  If you are really jazzed to see it-- wait and spend your money on a rental instead.  You'll be glad.
Basically a thumbs down from us!

This is a fun clip that's not even in the movie.  This is about all the humor you're gonna get out of TS3.


annie said...

that's too bad, I loved it!

d.n.williamson said...

I went in pretty closed minded because I had heard "not so good things" about it. But, I actually enjoyed it. There were a few parts that were dark, but overall, I thought it was good. My kids are much more scared by Sid's character in the first one than anything in this one.

Margene said...

I thought it was a good kid movie. Toy Story III sounds like it should be a pg kid movie.

Brenda said...

I really enjoyed it, the part where they were betting on the 'see and say' toy - hilarious.

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