Friday, June 4, 2010

High Alert!

We took the kids with to run some errands tonight.  All I had to do was run some flowers into the church for a recital.  It was a quick in and out.  I couldn't carry all the arrangements myself so I had the mister run them in with me.  That left the kids alone in the car for about 2 minutes by themselves.

When we returned to the car the kids popped up from the floor.

The Mister:  What are you guys doing?

Rugs:  We were hiding because we didn't want anyone to call the police.

The Mister:  What?

Em:  We shouldn't be left alone in the car and we thought someone would call the cops on you.

Breckyn:  Yeah and we were going to suffocate because of the green house effect!

The Mister:  We left the windows all the way down.  How were you going to suffocate?

I should tell you that the church we were at was very secluded and it was a beautiful day out.  It was only for a second and there was no danger present.  In fact the kids were all for us leaving them when we were going into the church.  They are getting old enough to be left alone-- but apparently they aren't quite ready for the responsibility.

I'm surprised they didn't gang up on us and call the cops themselves.

It's tough having whistle blowers for kids.


I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

I'm calling the cops right now. Your kids are hilarious.

Julaine said...

I love it, smart kids! I love how Breckyn had to add her enviormental comment too!

Cassie said...

HILARIOUS!!! You never know one of those crazy cows in the field right next to the church could have come for them!!! :)

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