Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Two Truths and a LIE

1. I planned a really fancy date with a super cute boy. It required me to wear a tiny black dress and heals. As we came out of the restaurant we walked down a long flight of stairs. At the top, I tripped on my heals and fell all the way down the stairs ripping my dress and snagging my nylons. I also managed to flash a really lot of people.

2. When my daughter was going to the bathroom in a public place she dropped her bracelet in the toilet after she did her business. I stared at it for a while searching through my brain for options. I finally settled on flushing it and my daughter still has not forgiven me for it to this day.

3. I write notes to myself as a personal pep talk. If I'm unsure of my appearance or insecure about an upcoming event I put post-its up all over my mirror to trick confidence into myself. It works like a charm.

Hmmmm.... what do you think?


Margene said...

I say that number one is a lie. Will I ever find out which is the lie??????????????????????????/

Cheri said...

Yikes, I'm not even sure. I'm going with number 1 is a lie. Sounds more like me than you. Not sure though.

Macey said...

At first glance I would say #1. However, my gut says #2. Come on, admit it. You fished the bracelet out. Mabey you flushed first, hoped the bracelet was too heavy to go down, and then fished it out. I once had to fish my car keys out of a already used public toilet. DISGUSTING!

connie said...

I think # 3 is true. Fess up.

Breck said...

I know for sure that number 2 is true and I don't remember signs all over so I think number 3 is false!
You know who!

Hapy Henries said...

I think #2 is true. You are such a germ-a-phobe that it didn't matter if the bracelet was diamond, it wasn't coming out of there.

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