Thursday, March 18, 2010

Professional Bikers

Today it was finally warm enough for the kids to ride their bikes to school. They hurried through our morning routine to leave just enough time to make it to school on their bikes.

One of my stipulations is that I have to ride with them. We live about a quarter of a mile down the road from their school and it's busy, without any sidewalks. The road itself isn't in the optimum condition for little kids to ride their bikes, so it makes me nervous.
The down side to this is that I actually have to ride my bike with them to school. I am not the most coordinated person and me on a bike just looks wrong. I've had several moms at school giggle as I pass them. It's a little humiliating. But, anything for my kids-- right?

I think I must look something like this...
See... that's me in the front with the frog.

Today I get all ready, with my ducks in a line, and we head off down towards the school.

Rugby is leading the way, much to Breckyn's dismay. She wanted to lead us to school and so she is pestering Rugby that he is going too slow.

Rugby gets ticked and starts slowing down.

We are all starting to get a little close to each other and traffic is whizzing by us.

I yell from the back for everyone to speed up.

Emerson yells back that he is going as fast as he can and that Breckyn is trying to pass him. That is the ultimate insult in a biking line (according to Emerson who is 5).

Em decides to take matters into his own wee tiny hands.

He slams on his breaks!

We all proceed to jam up and crash into each other like dominoes. I'm not so coordinated (as referred to previously).

I'm trying to save the situation (and some face) and I start swerving all over the place to try and regain some control.

So now I'm almost to the crossing guard with a few ticked off kids, my dignity wavering in the wind and cars are whizzing by us.

I hate riding my bike to school.

They would be so dead if the crossing guard (and the entire crowd of people dropping their kids off at school) weren't within ear shot.

Stinkin' kids!

The only thing that is worse than riding the kids to school is me alone riding my bike back home. I look pretty pathetic all alone riding my big pink bike up the road.

Maybe I need a basket.

Yeah, that would make it better.


The Snow Queen said...

baskets for little dogs are cool. Isn't toto a terrier of some kind?

Cheri said...

Yeah, put your dog in the basket. That'll totally make you incognito! You know, they make 4 person bikes (like a double tandem). That would end the crashing.....but probably not the staring.

Julie said...

Awesome story! You're a good mom. I would have just sent them on their merry way without me.

Breck said...

Dear Aleca,
I love the family pic of you riding off to school with the gang. Sugar plums dancing in your head the splat....reality hit. You were riding without your trusty "Desert Rose". She never let you down. You could have swerved and amazed your children with your riding prowess. Besides nobody looks cooler then riding the "rose" with a banana seat and streamers from the handlebars.
Love ya Lec, thanks for the trip down memory lane.


Breck said...

That is one funny story that had us laughing our heads off especially with the picture included. The dog idea in a basket is just about perfect for a Christmas card and the mister wouldn't even mind not being in it! Thanks for that one!

Jodi said...

I always thought Rusty kind of looked like Kermit. =)

JennRose said...

I completely sympathize with the lack of coordination on a bike. I feel like I'm wobbling all over the place when I start and stop!
I laughed about the basket and remembered that I had seen this tutorial. So here it is for you! lol

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