Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Sweet Sweet Addiction

I know I have a problem.  Perhaps you might even call it an obsession.

Its name is Target.

I think about it daily.  When I arrive in a new city, my first impulse is to locate Target and spread out from there.

When I shop at Target, I like to get myself acllimated by its layout first.  I prefer the layout that has you enter in from the clothing rather than the layout that has you enter at the junk food and cards.  (Yes, I have thought this through with great detail, I assure you.)

I enjoy that Target does not have greeters (like Wal-Mart) and therefore there will be no witnesses to the crazed frenzy in my eyes.

It doesn't matter to me if I have a list a mile long or no list at all.  I can take the store isle by isle and never lose interest.  (although, the end caps of clearance items give me particular joy)

What is it that brings me, and so many others, such joy?

For me, Target is like a soft fuzzy blanket comforting me through my mandatory shopping (i.e. toilet paper and toothpaste) and yet it warms me with its wide selection of stylish items.  I can go for deodorant and come out with a new rug for the front room.  If I need a swanky shirt, I'm sure to find one in the latest style for a good price. 

I dare you to find a soul who doesn't love Target!  It's like unicorns and tasty diet food-- they don't exist!

Click here to go to Target online.  When you get to their page look to the left side and click on the word coupons (or just click here) and print some out for your next visit.  Enjoy!


TCarolina072390 said...

I totally have a friend in South Carolina JUST LIKE YOU. She loves target!! I'm sending her this blog. Haha funny

Cheri said...

You are so funny. I also appreciate the lack of a greeter. Less awkward. And I'm pretty sure any of girls would willingly live at Target.

Brenda said...

LOVE Target, always have.

Mommabear said...

I am with you all the way, I heart me some Target!!! I also love to visit new ones, glad to know I'm not the only one who gets all giddy when I visit a new city/Target...swoon!

Marie said...

HA! This is SO funny, when the hubs and I were looking at places to move, there were a lot of good priced houses in small towns (I'm a MAJOR city girl) and my first and only question was always "Is there a Target?" cus then we're good... if not.. stop talking, not interested. -Marie

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