Thursday, March 11, 2010

Coupon Nirvana

You know I love a good coupon. I like to let them accumulate in my wallet and use them all in one big lump. That way I can see all the savings all together and it makes for a more impressive number. It makes me feel like I've won something.

So I go to Target to make my way coupon shopping through the store. (If you have never done this, you're missing out. All you do is take your stack of coupons and buy what you have coupons for.) I had a thick stack of coupons and lots of things on my list.

I finished up and headed for the check out giddy with anticipation of how much I was going to save! I patiently waited for the unsuspecting checker to ask if I had any coupons or gift cards. I told her that I did indeed have some coupons. I whipped out my wad of clippings and wooed her with my stash.

I carefully watched her beep in every last one as my total went down lower and lower. When she finished I had saved a total of $23. I could barely contain myself. I yelled to her, "Did you see that?"

blink blink.

I'm pretty sure she just didn't recognise the numeric significance. So I recited the last few digits of my total and did the math for her again out loud.

blink blink.


I think she had coupon envy. No matter, I'll be back again in a few weeks to shock and awe my way through the check out.

You gotta love a good coupon.


connie said...

I must get into this coupon thing.

Cheri said...

$23? That's impressive. I can't beat that. I often try to be witty with the cashier and I just get the "blink, blink" too. Then I try harder. Then I feel awkward and leave quickly. I hear ya!

Brenda said...

Love it, I think I will save some coupons up and use them all at once too!

smilingsarahbear said...

So where do you get all those coupons? I just printed some last week off of and saved $8 but that just didn't seem like all the work for me. I mean I was excited but then Robert said to me "that's all" and my bubble was busted. So please share your coupon genious;)

Christina said...

I LOVE coupon shopping! $23 is a nice savings

Juli Henrie said...

OK might sound stupid, but I don't even know where to get coupons! I know they used to come in the newspaper, is that still the case?

Anonymous said...

My husband went to Walmart the other day, gorcery shopping alone (God forbid!). He went to the cashier with a stacked cart and she got very excited. Apparently she saves coupons to use for customers and makes a game out of how much she can save someone. She was ecstatic when she used $8.00 worth! The other cashiers all know and were watching. I think it's wonderful that she does this for people!

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