Thursday, March 18, 2010

Burn Baby Burn

As you know, I've had a few spats with the winter blues in the past. I live here in Wisconsin where the sun doesn't shine for months of the year.

In a recent attempt to fight off my sunless days, I've turned to my friend the tanning bed.

The thing about tanning is, it's more fun to do it with a friend. So, naturally I talked the mister into coming with me.

He was a bit hesitant, being a tanning bed virgin, but I talked him into it. The tanning place has beds that last 20 minutes for $6.50. That being said, they do not like to let butt white people into the beds for more than 8 minutes because of the burn factor. Although, they will still take all of your $6.50 no matter how long you sit in the bed. AARGGHH!

I want to get all of the time I can into this trip because I PAID FOR THE WHOLE THING DANG IT! So I smooth talk the lady into letting us each stay in our beds for 12 minutes. (That's waaaaay better than 8 you know.)

I quickly escort the mister back to his room and give him a mini tutorial of what he should do. My main suggestion to him was to keep his light under a barrel so he wouldn't burn his
unmentionables. Then I scurried off to my room to enjoy my 12 minutes of faux sunshine.
12 minutes later I emerge happy and snuggly warm. The mister has enjoyed his brush with vanity and lived through yet another of my hair brained ideas.

Several Hours Later....

B: Dad, are you hot?
The Mister: No

B: 'Cause your face looks really really red.
The Mister: I'm fine.
B: Are you feeling stressed?

The Mister: No

B: Are you sure? 'Cause your cheeks are all red. It looks like you got sunburned or something.
The Mister: Ah, no... I'm not sunburned or anything. Why would I be sunburned? (she knows!!!) I'm just fine.

The Mister quick speed dials me while I'm at the store and quizzes me about my skin. I'm feeling just fine but after a little more prodding from B the mister looked in the mirror.


I don't think he'll ever be going with me to the tanning salon again. But at least I almost got my money's worth-- right?
I'm glad you see the positive in this too.
Hey, anyone want to go for a tan?


Breck said...

Next time go into the room together and each take 10 minutes so that no one gets burned. I know how frustrating it is to know that you are paying for something that you are not getting! Happy spring!

connie said...


Cheri said...

At least he protected his unmentionables! Ouch!

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