Friday, March 5, 2010

The Sidler Code

There are a few unspoken rules in life.
One of them is NEVER EVER sit in a seat right next to someone you don't know.
We all know this rule, right?
Yet there are a few of you out there that insist on breaking our unspoken code.
You know the type... you are sitting in the movies waiting for your show to start and out of no where someone sits right next to you. There are plenty of seats everywhere but this chump decides you have the perfect position and decides to join the party. Uh-- I don't think so!
How about the doctor's waiting area. Please please please do not sit next to me with your snotty nosed kid who can't keep their hands to themselves. Eeeeeeewww!
Maybe you'd like to sidle up next to someone at the airport. That's a super no no! Everyone is
guarding their bags and trying to enjoy a maximum amount of space before they are going to be stuffed into their seats, forced to be too close to total strangers. Give them a little dignity and some space for heavens sake!
The classic is the bathroom stall choice. If there is a huge row of stalls, you never take the one
right next to someone. The rule however does not apply if it's a two stall-er or perhaps if there is a long waiting line. But if neither of those are a factor, you have to give a little space courtesy. The last thing anyone needs is a witness for their doodles. (According to the mister these rules are even more vital at the urinal due to the exposure factor. I can only imagine.)
Common sense people!
Abide by the code!
It's like the rules!


connie said...

Never thought about it as "the code" but I will now.

Macey said...

Note to the Mister---FIND A STALL!! I will never understand the MAN CODE that says if there is a urinal available you must use it before entering a stall. My Mister thinks the other misters in the bathroom know whether you are peeing or pooing. URINALS SHOULD BE BANNED!!!

Cheri said...

Couldn't agree more. Especially the movie theater. That one REALLY gets me. Well put, Lec.

*Abby* said...

common courtesy! seriously, well put!

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