Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rough Road Ahead

This is the road I live on. I have lived on this road for 17 years of my life. It has always been bad but as of late, it's getting really really bad. My family has all speculated that the road is horrible and we have wondered when and if the city will do anything about it.

Check. The city took care of the problem. That sign is a huge relief. I consider us very lucky and very warned.
Those aren't puddles those are patches all the way up our road.
Whenever the city has extra road patch they send some guy with a shovel and a truck up and down our road tossing patch like it's a parade. Over the years our road has become more patch than road.

We have always wondered about the city's knowledge of our pathetic road. Now we know they know. The lines have been drawn and now we'll see if they really clean it up or leave the sign to do their dirty work.

Oh, it's on!


Jodi said...

Stink'in road!!! This road is the city's way of making people obey the speed limit or one will bottom out their car. This winter was seriously brutal on our little road. Poor road, when will you get fixed?

connie said...

I can't say much about the road except YIKES. But, the weather looks so dark and cold. I hope spring comes soon to your part of the world.

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