Thursday, July 8, 2010

She is finally here!

Today was my big day!

Look-- can you see how excited I am?

I was with the kids and the Mister at Wal-Mart and Em had to go potty.  I finally got something good out of an emergency potty run.  On the way to the potty the Mister noticed that Wal-Mart had a sign saying they had iPhones in stock.  He confirmed it with the lady at the counter and TA-DAH!  I have my pretty pretty new phone.  (Em almost peed his pants but it was so worth it!)

So tonight I am sitting here typing with Stella (thank you Annie for the suggestion) keeping me company.  I have to admit, I haven't even taken the plastic protection off of her yet.  I want to savor this moment for as long as I can.

I think we are going to be friends for a very long time. (or at least until the next generation)

The bad news is, you are going to have to listen to my iPhone infatuation for a while because-- I'm in love.

If any of you apple junkies have any app suggestions, I'm all ears.

Oh, this is just so exciting!!!  I finally have her and she is all mineYeehoo!  Today was a good day.


annie said...

I feel so honored! Enjoy Stella!

Margene said...

Great enjoy

Cassie said...

ENJOY BABY!!!! This is a long time coming and I can only guess how much fun you will have with stella! I will make a note that today is her birthday! Long live stella!!! :)

Angie Spiker said...

Only recently have I been following your blog, but I can agree and understand your iPhone infatuation as I have an iTouch! Fantastic invention! I recommend "Angry Birds", "Chuzzle", and "Sneezies" to start... If you want good scripture apps, I can name those, too!

Tina said...

YAAAY!!! It is about time! I got on to print off your monkey bread recipe (again) and am happy to see the great news. Okay, my few app suggestions:
Shazaam (to tag new music), WAZE (GPS driving directions), Facebook (I catch up on my friends while stuck at boring places), and Scripture (why carry the heavy ones when you can just pull out the phone). Blogging on your phone? You may have to share that trick back with me. The new 4.0 is wicked fast. I am waiting for my turn to upgrade but Dave is especially loving the video feature.

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

Stella. Great name. If Stella ever needs a break or vacation feel free to send her my way. I'd take really good care of her. Congrats! That's pretty darn fun.

Renee said...

I hope she is all that you hoped she would be.. :)

hillary said...

you must MUST dl Pandora! It's free but I'd pay for it if they charged! iStake rocks (I think you're LDS?), Kindle is awesome, Flixter, Redbox - those are all the important ones! :)

gbmommy05 said...

useful apps:
garage sales tracker (if you like this kind of thing)
google voice (can tell it where to go and it does)shazam

fun apps:
paper toss
wooly willy

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