Sunday, July 4, 2010

Matching Morons

We took the kids to Six Flags this week.  The Mister had it in his head that he wanted us to match so we could stay together as a group easier.  We had these bike safety t-shirts from a local event and the Mister thought they would be perfect for a day of family fun.

I announced the idea to the kids and the response was very mixed.

The boys and Z could care less.

Breckyn was a harder sell.

Breckyn:  There is NO WAY I'm wearing that shirt to Six Flags!  It's the ugliest shirt I have ever seen and I'm going to match everyone.  That is so stupid!

Me:  Come on it won't be that bad.  We'll be able to find each other really easily and it really means a lot to your Dad.

Breckyn:  No way Mom!  I'm not doing it!

Me:  Come on I'll show you how to tie a knot in your shirt and we can decorate it to be a little more girlie if you want.

She could not be persuaded so I had to take the opposite approach and make her wear it.  I'm not really sure why the Mister was so set on it-- but it was happening whether B wanted it to or not.

Before we left I forgot to pack the sunscreen so I had the Mister pull off at Wal-Mart to grab some.  Everyone wanted to come in to try and snag a last minute treat so we all headed into the store.  I had forgotten that we were all matching until I saw the looks on peoples faces as we strolled through the isles. 

I was humiliated!  Not only do we match but we are wearing NEON ORANGE.  No one can pull off that color casually.  We hurry to the check out and the checker takes one look at us and says, "So what's with the shirts?" 

I lean into Tim and say, "I'm officially with Breckyn on this one."  Breckyn catches wind of my sudden turn in alliance and says, "It's not too late to buy some new shirts here Mom--- PLEASE!" 

We got to the park and sure enough, it was pretty easy to find each other.  In fact, we could find each other from space we were so bright.  I knew it was bad when we started getting comments from other people in line about the brightness of our shirts.

We made it through the rest of our humiliation day without losing anyone (believe it or not).  The Mister washed up our shirts really quickly when we got home and is now using them as a threat to Breckyn every chance he can get.

Anyone else ever tried to do the matching thing before?


JennRose said...

We've used that system with youth groups before, usually lime green or neon pink. but never with a single family lol...

Julaine said...

We have a long ways before we get to the matching shirts. Good idea but I would have felt the same way in Wal-Mart with everyone looking at you.

Mandi said...

Love that you did this! I actually always dress my 3 boys alike. Well almost always. 90% of the time. I get made fun of for it. What the hey. That will all stop now that 2 of them are going to school this year.

I would just like to say though that we lost my oldest at the zoo last year-- the hubby could remember what he was wearing by looking at the younger.

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

Matching is one thing, but neon matching is quite another. That's take a lot of love...or something :) Have you guys thought about having your family pictures done in those? I have to tease you a little , you know.

Cait said...

I got to wear matching shirts with 18 teenagers in New York City for 5 days!! The subway was a nightmare and every time the kids acted up everyone would look to me or one of the other adults in the group. Needless to say I spent much of the week apologizing!!

Grandma Tii said... are a hoot!!!!! I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. Takes me back to 7th grade a hundred years ago.....for Christmas I got neon orange-patten leather shoes that matched a neon multi-colored striped knit dress! Talk about a stand-out!

kristen said...

We (meaning I) painted some shirts when we went to Disney and then I got several matching shirts on clearance. Mike was not too hip on them matching, but it was easy to find them. We did not take the next step and dress like them, I couldn't talk the hubbie into that one, no matter what kind of deal I made.

Ani Schmidt said...

My family has totally done the matching shirts thing. We did it the last time we went to Disneyland, and it turned out to be a huge help in keeping everyone together. My parents, me, and my 9 siblings were all wearing these bright green shirts. While we were parading around the park, we lost the youngest. Less than a minute after we realized she was gone, a woman showed up with my sister in tow, exclaiming "I saw your family just up here! They just passed by!" The embarrassment was totally worth finding her so quickly, meaning more rides for all of us!
We just found a fabric that we all agreed upon, and then my mom made each of us a shirt out of the material. The voting on the fabric, in addition to the custom design of the shirt for each child, made it so that there were less objections to the matching shirts.

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