Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

Yesterday was a great day.

I got so much stuff done.  We cleaned the house, mowed the lawn and went for a family bike ride.  It felt so good.  When we were all finished I was so sweaty and dirty.  All I wanted to do was hit the showers.

I headed upstairs and peeled off my ripe clothes.  I turned on the water and waited.... and waited.... and waited. 

Nothing happenedNo hot water.

I yelled down to the Mister and he went to work trying to figure out what was wrong.

I absolutely HATE being dirty and going to bed nasty was not happening for me.  I couldn't put on my nasty clothes again-- eeww.  I didn't want to get new clothes dirty making more work for myself.

That meant that I sat on our couch in a towel reading a book for several hours debating my options.

I could heat up water on the stove...
I could call my sister and go to her house...
I could try to brave a really really cold shower....
I could wash one part of my body at a time giving me time to warm up between parts....

None of it was sounding too appealing.

I love hot water.  I really really do.  It is my friend everyday. 

Three hours, a little finger pointing, some pouting and several internet inquires later... we finally had hot water.

I am officially addicted to hot water.  I will never take my shower for granted again.  I LOVE hot water.  It's that simple.

So a big thank you to the Mister for spending his time crouched over the hot water heater instead of enjoying some down time last night.  I really love that guy.


Margene said...

I have had so many cold shower or baths in my life. That when it is warm or hot what a treat. I love hot showers, too.

Jen said...

OHH Leca - did you run naked down the street - that is what I'm curious to know! Glad you got your hot shower and that the Mr. is such a good guy!

Julaine said...

I love hot water as well, but sometimes it's a hit or miss in our house. And growing up it never got hot enough for me so that was one thing I always wanted once I left home.

Mandi said...

seriously, our family had a "thankful tree" at Thanksgiving, and I wrote "hot water" on it. Seriously-- it's that important.

Brenda said...


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