Monday, July 26, 2010

The Lawn Doesn't Mow itself

When I was little my parents would get us outside to take care of the lawn each week.  I cannot tell you how much I would grumble and complain.  I would whine that it wasn't fair that my mom got to ride the lawn mower and we kids had to trim.  I would wonder what was the big deal about trimming the bushes and pulling the weeds. 

"Who cares about the stupid lawn anyway?" 

"When I get older I'm never going to make my kids do this!"

Fast forward a 20 years and here I am...

I'm now dragging my kids outside for the weekly trimming and pulling of weeds.  Something funny happens when you grow up.  You finally understand your parents.  When you own your first home suddenly every single weed becomes an offense that needs to be plucked out.  I want to keep this house looking new for as long as I can.  I'm so proud of it because it's all mine.

So this week my kids sounded a little like a younger version of myself.

"Awww, we have to pull weeds again!"
"What's the big deal about weeds anyway?"
"It's so hot-- I need to go get a drink of water."
"I have to go potty."

(The Mister and I never enjoy silence and peace quite like we do when everyone is suppose to be working.  They all manage to slip away and quietly hide so they won't draw any attention to themselves.)

"Are we almost done?"

...and so the generational torture continues on.  In a few years they will be the parents assigning the chores.  Ah, life-- what goes around comes around.


annie said...

I'm with the kids!

Brenda said...

That's hilarious - you get to enjoy peace and quiet, while they all slip away...

Cassie said...

So true but I have to admit I still HATE lawn mowing!!!

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

I never remember complaining....ha,ha,ha! I always thought she birthed up so she'd have help. Yeah, my opinion on that one has changed, too.

The Snow Queen said...

so which one is "the best worker".... ie the one who does the least while making it seem like they are the center of the action?

Any comments Dacky?

The Snow Queen said...

We saw despicable me. The kids loved it. Especially the unicorn parts! Did you catch under the name of the bank said, "Formerly known as leiman brothers" heee-larious. I thought it was so funny.

Julaine said...

I LOVE mowing the lawn!! Weird I know, but it's a nice way to get some sun, walking in and get the work done. Last year Jason's dad bought us our lawn mower for a house warming gift and I think there was a good about of "discussions" over who would get to mown the lawn.

Elia said...

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