Thursday, July 29, 2010

Is it over yet?

Many of you are experiencing the magic of summer with all of your children gathered around you ALL DAY LONG!!!!

I have tried to remain positive about this experience.  Every summer I look forward to spending a little extra time with my kids.  I have visions of creating life long memories that they will treasure forever.  By the end of July all hopes of happiness and bliss have been dashed. 

I've hit the wall.

Two days ago I woke up very early in hopes of taking the kids on an adventure they would be really excited about.  I got them all dressed and told them to get their bike helmets on-- we were going for a ride.  That's when the trouble started.

Zoey claimed that making her go for a bike ride was pure torture.  It makes her too hot and tired.
Breckyn threw a fit over which bike she wanted to ride.
Rugby started a fight about who would be the line leader.
Emerson started a fight about who would be the line ender.

I was starting to realize that my plan was slowly sinking into a dark abyss.

Once all the fights were settled and everyone was saddled up-- we headed towards adventure.

Adventure happened to be the bakery about a mile away.  Because frankly, you can't have too much exercise without proper nourishment. 

Once the donuts and milk were consumed we took to the road again.  About two miles later Em claimed that he couldn't go any further or he was going to barf.  Zoey said she was too tired.

Adventure over.

The Mister saved the two tortured souls with his truck and all fun was officially over.  I'm beginning to think that I am making life long memories for the kids.  Just maybe not the kind I was thinking of.


annie said...

I feel your pain! Every time I try to do something exciting with the kids, it becomes a complaint fest - is nothing ever good enough, I swear!

Mandi said...

Does it make you feel better if I told you I took all the kids to the splash park last night, and it ended up in the boys being grounded?

Brenda said...

Oh, the things kids remember... (Our kids relish talking about the "camping trip from hell")

Kristen @ said...

haha I'm sorry! It is almost over!

connie said...

Good idea,just never works out the way you invision. Been there, done that. My kids remember every, I mean every bad thing and it seems none of the good, or what I remember as good. So I say to you, good luck. Just a few more weeks of those memory making days. I do love your stories.

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

I absolutely love that picture of Rugs! Oh those freckles! Only a few weeks left and you're back to some more you time. Then you'll think about how fun it was to sit outside and watch them swim.

The Snow Queen said...


kristen said...

Summer is getting long. I told my kids if they don't stop fighting and play nicely that I am going to take them to an Amish farm and make them work all day in the sun. That will show them. I would have gone back to the bakery and gotten myself one of their pieces of cake with butter cream frosting and not shared with ANYONE!!! I am mean.

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